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Tesuque Glassworks Mesmerizes Visitors

May 8, 2013


SANTA FE–Dave Schanfeld pulls and molds the molten glass into the form of a flower with metal prongs, quickly crafting a Calla Lily in mere minutes.  This is the daily scene at Tesuque Glassworks North of Santa Fe, NM.  Established in 1975 by Charlie Miner, Schanfeld is just one of eight glass blowers who contributes to the […]

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The Life-long Price of a Student Credit Card

February 10, 2013


DENVER — When credit cards first arrived, it was difficult for college students to obtain one. Parents would have to apply several times to finally be approved, and the bank would only approve applicants they felt had the means to pay them back. Nowadays getting a credit card is very different. Students graduating from high […]

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