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Small city governments face same challenges as larger cities

April 1, 2014


SHERIDAN, Colo. — Don Smith has lived in Sheridan for more than 30 years.  He’s worked construction through boom and bust cycles for most of that time.  Now, the work has shifted to where there’s plenty of gas and oil, so he follows the work, often living in extended-stay type motels.  Motels that he says, […]

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Small town elections bring big lies

September 23, 2012


LITTLETON, Colo. – Elections are coming Nov. 6, – the day we exercise our civic duties and elect the officials we would like to see running our country, state, county and city. Almost everyone who owns a TV, or has logged onto the internet has seen the campaign ads between President Barack Obama and Mitt […]

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Denver citizens join in national protest

October 6, 2011


DENVER — On Sept. 17, the activist group Occupy Wall Street began their protest of the American financial and governmental system in New York City. As the protest gained momentum and scope, it took on the name Occupy Together, and spread outside of Manhattan to other metropolitan areas, such as Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. […]

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City Council takes on “land speed record”

February 24, 2011

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City Council takes on “land speed record”

The Denver City Council met Monday night with a bare agenda and the intentions of a brief session.

After the traditional pledge of allegiance to start the council meeting, Council President Nevitt said the swiftness of the night’s meeting “may have an opportunity to beat a land speed record.”

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