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More Than Just A Film: The Good Lie’s deeper meaning behind the silver screen

October 28, 2014


DENVER—When people hear the term ‘Lost Boys’ they may think of the adventurous children’s tale of Peter Pan and his band of misfits that live happily in a land where they never grow up. If only this were true for the real Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan: children that are displaced from their homes […]

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Food fight heats up in Colorado

May 24, 2014


DENVER – A growing movement in Colorado that reflects a national trend, would require statewide labeling for foods containing GMOs. GMOs are organisms that have been genetically modified at the DNA level.  This may include the addition of genetic material from other plants, bacteria or viruses. Colorado is one of many states, which in absence […]

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GMO roast in Denver calls for labeling, media coverage

May 1, 2014

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DENVER – A group of 15-20 people gathered for a GMO roast in front of The Denver Post building Tuesday.  It was sponsored by We Are Change Colorado, part of a national, grassroots activism organization. Organizers said they called for more media attention and hoped to raise awareness of what GMOs are and to promote […]

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A picture of the 99 percent

October 24, 2011


DENVER — With a blue-collar job as a truck driver, and an online bachelor’s degree in progress, Justin Myer, 36, is a perfect example of the Occupy Together movement’s “99 percent. Myer came across the Occupy Denver movement while passing through town on a job. After being laid off twice in the past year, the […]

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Denver citizens join in national protest

October 6, 2011


DENVER — On Sept. 17, the activist group Occupy Wall Street began their protest of the American financial and governmental system in New York City. As the protest gained momentum and scope, it took on the name Occupy Together, and spread outside of Manhattan to other metropolitan areas, such as Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. […]

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