Rockies fans show support and disappointment


Posted Thu, Sep 22, 2011

Hangin' Tough: Rocky fans still support their team despite a disappointing season. (Photos by Nikki Work)

DENVER — The Colorado Rockies played their last two home games against the San Diego Padres this week and lost both — bringing a disappointing end to this year’s stint at Coors Field.

The Rockies season started off strong with an 11-2 record in April, but the numbers went downhill as injuries and slumps punctuated the summer. With no chance at the playoffs, this will be the Rockies’ 19 season without winning a World Series.

Manager of Blake Street Sports, Scott Lyons, said that the season started with a high profile, and sales of Rockies merchandise were up 1/3 from last year. Lyons added that even though it was a rough season, the merchandise momentum carried through until two weeks ago, when football season started.

Ticket and merchandise sales were up for The Blake Street Bombers this season.

“We haven’t seen any correlation [between wins and losses and merchandise sales],” Lyons said, adding that he doesn’t think sales reflect anything about fan passion or dedication.

“[Rockies fans] are not super passionate,” said Lyons. “I grew up in Boston, so I’ve seen passionate fans. I think there’s some level of frustration with the team and how it’s being run. Not anger, just disappointment, and I think with other teams, you’d see outright anger.”

Chelsea Ziherl, sophomore at UCD, attended Tuesday’s game, and agreed that it has been a frustrating season.

“They’re good for Colorado, but they’re no Red Sox,” Ziherl said.

In a survey done at Coors Field after Tuesday night’s game, 60 patrons were asked whether or not they were as big of Rockies fans at the end of the season as they were at the beginning. Eighty-seven percent of those polled said, “Yes, “some with such enthusiastic responses as, “Of course,” and “I’m a bigger fan now.”

“You have to support your team, no matter how they play,” said Sara Sawyer, Rockies fan since 1993, the year the Rockies formed. “They had injuries, problems and a lot of things that made it difficult to win this season, but I love them.”

Win, lose or draw, night games are still popular at Coors Field.

Still, though some fans may bleed black and purple, others were skeptical about the season. At Tuesday’s game, one long-time Rockies fan described the season as terrible and disappointing.

“We had a good enough team to make the playoffs, but we didn’t do it,” He said.

For other fans, like Alex and Ruth Irons, Rockies baseball is a tradition, and a part of their family. At the game, Ruth Irons was wearing a Rockies jacket circa 1993. The jacket belonged to her late mother-in-law.

“My mom sat and watched every game on TV,” Alex said . “Last year, we brought her [to Coors Field], and got club level seats. While she was still well enough to make it, it was the highlight of her summer.”




  • The
    record for the 2011 season so far is 70-85
  • After
    Wednesday’s game, they have had a 7 game losing streak
  • In 2007,
    the Rockies were the National League Champions and made their only trip in
    franchise history to the World Series
  • The
    Rockies haven’t made it to the playoffs since 2009


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12 Responses to “Rockies fans show support and disappointment”

  1. Melodi Byerly Says:

    I thought that you had a great story!!


  2. mookie Says:

    Pretty professional stuff.
    This line is a tad awkward, though:

    “You have to support your team, no matter how they play,” said Sara Sawyer, Rockies fan since 1993, the year the Rockies formed.

    It’s both a mouthful and awkward to say aloud.


  3. James Crussell Says:

    good job showing the different opinions and feelings the fans had after the dissapointing season.


  4. Alex Baskett Says:

    Nice story. It made me wonder about more Rockies v. Red Sox stats. City size, stadium size, average attendance cost of season tickets?


    • Nikki Says:

      Huh! Never thought about that angle. That would definitely be interesting, thanks for the feedback.


    • Ellie Says:

      Eu estou usando o protetor labial da Natural fator 60.Ele é ótimo. Meus lábios não podem ver Sol que fica vermelho e vai até sangrar quando não usava o protetor. Vale a pena exrptimenear e o preço é acessível R$17, 90 e às vezes tem promoção da revista natura.


  5. LeAndra Says:

    Good story, nice way to change up a “Sports Story” instead of making it only about facts. Good idea to include fans and their opinions.


  6. Kevin Rostad Says:

    Glad to see that alot of people are not fair weather fans. Very well done story.


  7. Caitlin Sievers Says:

    Good story, I’m competely uninterested in baseball and was able to read it without my eyes glazing over.


  8. Shawn Martin Says:

    I loved the story. I like how you took a poll of 60 people. Shows a lot of courage you have going up to strangers to ask a simple question. Don’t like reading about the Red Sox on account I’m a Yankees fan.


  9. Wontawn Says:

    It does not seem like there is much new information, which doesn’t make it feel like news. It seems more like it is just pointing out that the Rockies are not great. Maybe a compare/contrast on their lows versus their highs could add some more spice. The sales aspect was interesting though, and the quote at the end evoked good emotion.


  10. monica green Says:

    It is an ok story some vivid details but i just felt it was like watching ESPN honestly no good quotes either. I agree there needs to be more compare and contrast to fans and people who hardly attend the games. I am not a big fan of the Rockies but I go to some games and just felt the story could have been more exciting. that is how sports stories should go wether it is about winning or loosing.


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