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Posted Sun, Nov 4, 2012

The goal every basketball star yearns for, and hoist the finals trophy.

There is no greater feeling then going to a sporting event and seeing your favorite athletes and teams compete under the bright lights of the stadium. Experiencing the feeling of knowing that your team made the championship, and seeing them playing the game of their lives trying to achieve something that every athlete wants. I had that feeling when I won my first basketball championship.

When I started playing basketball at the age of seven, and I fell in love with game. The way that you hustle on defense, the thrill of keeping a small lead, the rush of trying to get back into the game after being down. I was part of a team that competed with heart, dedication and the will to complete our ultimate goal: win a championship.

As the season was beginning, everyone on the roster was assigned his number and position as we began practicing for the season opener. I was lucky enough to get my lucky number five and place the number two spot; shooting guard for those who don’t know basketball. During the season, we decided on red uniforms and decided on the Bulls to be our lucky charm. We all developed our skills and we continued to dominate on the court as we started the season strong at 10-0. After each game, I would go over to my dad and get his view on my performance as a whole and see if there was anything I needed to work on.

“It’s something that you always want for your son, is to be successful in whatever they attempt,” said Jeff, who was the one person that I was so proud to see at every game.

With each game that we played, I improved my game as we continued to win until we met our match and lost our first game of the season to the Lakers, 98-89. We where sitting at 15-1, second place in the league. After that point, we realized that we where too confident in our game and thought that we could beat anyone. We almost felt like the ‘07 New England Patriots after the Super Bowl, confused and disappointed.

“All I knew from that point on is that you dedicated your passion to winning that championship,” my dad saw the fire in my eyes after that loss, and knew that we would do whatever it took to win that title.

Finally, the moment had come; we had reached the championship game after sailing through the playoffs with a couple easy wins that were warm up games for us. We reached the pinnacle moment in every athlete’s careers. We all had the game of our lives ahead of us, and it was against the team that beat us a couple of weeks earlier. Luckily for us, the Lakers lost a game the following week after beating us that made us tied for the conference lead. We were both 19-1 and battling it out for the title; Bulls vs. Lakers. I was dreaming of this moment. Derrick Rose vs. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan vs. Magic Johnson, these were the athletes that we wanted to be in that game.

As the game went on, I made sure to have the best game of my career and did I ever. The game was at deadlock the whole 40 minutes as both teams battled it out. With the game tied at 78-78, our team huddled around our coach and we looked at each other and at that moment we knew that we had to step our game up to another level. Being 16 years old, every guy on the team wanted to be just like Mike and get that game winning shot en route to a three-peat. As the clock began to wind down, we found ourselves in a whole.

“Get on d and then attack the basket,” that’s what I thought to myself with only a minute left. As the clock was at 10 seconds, I took the ball down the court off the rebound and did what I could. The next thing I knew my teammate Tyler was wide open down in the paint. At that moment I felt like John Stockton passing to Karl Malone. I dished him the ball and he put it up and scored. Without even realizing it, we were up 88-86 and about to win our first final.

As time ran down, the Lakers put up a last second shot; it bounced off the rim and hit the floor. We jumped up and celebrated in a way that we never had before. We were champions and we deserved it. For the first time in my basketball career, I felt accomplished. I felt like I deserved every bit of that title, and I knew that I played my heart out for the game that I love. All I wanted to do was play my best, and I did just that. I played like Mike.

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  1. Ashley King Says:

    This article was great, you really showed your love for basketball and wanting to be the professional basketball players. You told your story well.


  2. Spencer Says:

    Love it, I had the same expierence growing up playing youth basketball. Its great to hear a story that was so close to mine! great job


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