Are You Fierce Enough?


Posted Sun, Feb 10, 2013

The Tough Mudder, an extreme-sport group race, is coming to Colorado in June. Beaver Creek hosts the event that raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project.
The event will bring people together in a military-style obstacle course.

The course combines mud pits, pipe crawls, pressure hoses, electric wires, plank walks, slip and slides and even a fire run. Those participating gather a group of people together. These groups can be as large or as small as the participants wish. Those in the group then help each other accomplish the race. However, it is not required to have the team cross the finish line at the same time.

The course is designed to challenge courage along with speed, strength and mental endurance. Cory Arola, a Lakewood resident and participant in the June 2013 race said, “I want someone who has the mentality to train for it so we can finish the race.”

So how prepare for such an event?

Brian Nichols, a devoted Tough Mudder contestant, says, “tailgating and putting on 30 lbs.,” was part of his training methods (follow his blog at However, after his first Tough Mudder he does admit that the 30 lbs. didn’t help him through the race and, the tailgating idea does not appeal to everyone. Many people have different ideas as to how to get in shape for such an event.

When Seonah Groditski, a future Tough Mudder, was asked how she was getting ready she said, “A lot of cross-training.” Cross-training doesn’t focus on one type of sport but, instead, on multiple ones for a wide variety of challenges.

Lesli Miller, of Parker, said she will, “run the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheatre,” before the big event comes. Red Rocks has 192 stairs to climb up and even has a group to join for the avid outdoor runners. Joining the group is easy and more information can be found at

The Tough Mudder website ( even gives those planning to partake in the obstacle course a boot camp regimen to follow for training. Assessing personal strength and ability will help in finding the correct boot camp routine. There are experienced Tough Mudders who also post weekly training tips on the website. These tips will assist in gaining the knowledge and strength it will take to make it through the course.

Whichever training method is chosen, one thing is for sure, this race is not for the weak.


Tough Mudder

Location: Beaver Creek Resort 40 Village Road, Avon, CO 81620

Date: June 15 & 16

Cost: $135-180 per person & per registration date (discounts available)

Insurance Fee: $15

Spectators and Volunteers Welcome

Visit for more information







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  1. Grace Says:

    I had no idea the work/effort that these people put in to do what they do! Amazing stuff…


  2. Aaron Lambert Says:

    Very informative story! It does a good job of capturing the essence of the Tough Mudder.


  3. SL Alderton Says:

    Lots of good, well-organized information in this story. I like the “go box” thing at the end. One question: Why did you post two of the same photo? Also, who took the photo?

    There’s some passive voice at the end that you might want to cut out, but other than that it was good.


  4. Maureen Says:

    You’re missing a “to” in this sentence: “So how prepare for such an event?”


  5. Austin Says:

    I like the focus ont he competitors and their training method over just event facts, makes it more interesting, relevant and in way educational.


  6. Davy Says:

    Good story! Great quotes and advice from the participants.


  7. J.R. Johnson Says:

    Sounds like a fun time! I had no idea this was going on here. Nice use of the side bar as well.


  8. Andrew Says:

    Sounds like tough stuff, not my kind of thing, but good story. You switch from says to said a couple of times and use a “when asked” but thats all small corrections.


  9. Jen Sasser Says:

    You are one tough mudder @*$%#$! Great story!


  10. Stephanie V. Coleman Says:

    Very informative and great focus on the athletes in your “How to prepare” section.


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