City Council: Union Station upgrade coming, 12 new Bike Share docks also


Posted Thu, Feb 25, 2010



Union Station at dusk.


DENVER – A quick-paced city council meeting Monday proved beneficial for the city in the form of an announcement from the Federal Transit Administration, which approved a $300 million loan for the redevelopment of Union Station. Peter Rogoff, a FTA administrator, made the announcement Friday, Feb. 5 with Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mike Bennett at a press conference promoting the new loan.

The recently granted money said council member Judy Montero, “…is estimated to create about 1,000 jobs in the first two years and over 30,000 jobs over the 12 year build out.”

Reiterating what council member Montero said, Councilman Rick Garcia said, “…this is positive information not only for Denver but for the entire region.”

Garcia added that talk around Denver a few years ago about the future of the Union Station building was that it would be better used for real estate, speculative real estate specifically, other than a public transit center and it would be better to tear the building down.

As good of an announcement as the Union Station redevelopment plans was, the main issue covered by the council tonight was the decision to add 12 new Denver Bike Sharing docking stations. Introduced as a pilot program for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, the city’s popular bike share program will add most of the docking stations in the downtown area.

“I would like the citizens of Denver to see how the city of Denver and the different departments are making efforts to create healthier environments and promote health,” said Councilwoman Montero.

Also adding to the evening’s meeting, Councilwoman Peggy Lehman said in accordance with Montero’s comments that the bike-sharing program thrived during the DNC. Lehman also said bringing back the program was a great idea and these resolutions were great for the city.

With Boy Scout troop 140 from southeast Denver in attendance, an area that Councilwoman Lehman represents, to learn about civic duty, the council passed all 12 resolutions for allocating areas for the Bike Share docking stations. The resolutions  were approved by all 13 members without any public opposition present.

Expect to see the docking stations on streets such as Market Street, Boulder Street, Downing Street and Broadway Avenue.

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