City Council takes on “land speed record”


Posted Thu, Feb 24, 2011

Corey Ward

Staff Writer

Denver- The Denver City Council met Monday night, Feb. 7, with a bare agenda and the intentions of a brief session.

After the traditional pledge of allegiance to start the council meeting, Council President Chris Nevitt said the swiftness of the night’s meeting “may have an opportunity to beat a land speed record.”

Councilmen Michael Hancock and Charlie Brown, however, each took the opportunity to make an announcement.  Hancock wanted to recognize his long-time aide, Julia Gales, who was recently honored by Urban Spectrum magazine as an African-American who makes a difference.

“I told Julia when I saw her on Sunday that I think it is worth a pause for us as a council,” Hancock said.

Brown said that contrary to what was said at last week’s meeting, the special issues committee would be meeting again. The committee will convene Monday, Feb. 14, to discuss medical marijuana policies. Brown said it would be the final committee review in what he called “a long, emotional process.”

Having no presentations, communications, or proclamations on the agenda Nevitt asked the secretary to call out the three bills set for resolution and 32 bills set for introduction.  With 10 of the 13 council members present, all bills were voted on, and passed unanimously.

The proceedings were delayed momentarily when the electronic monitors indicated that Councilman Paul Lopez, who was not present, had indicated “aye.” Nevitt, whose vote wasn’t registered, jokingly said, “Well, Lopez voted for me again. Thanks Paul.”

After announcing that a public hearing on medical marijuana licensing will be held at the next council meeting, Nevitt adjourned the meeting after just 17 minutes.

Upcoming City Council Calendar

2/28- City Council Meetings

3/1- Land Use Transportation and Infrastructure

3/1- Health Safety and Education Services

3/2- General Government and Finance

3/2- Business Workforce and Sustainability

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  1. Heather M. Smith Says:

    Wouldn’t it be kinda great if all such meetings could be as brief? At least, I think. It’s great you were able to make a story out of so little information. I would have had great difficulty doing so. Plus, you actually put that information together very well…I like the humorous aspects!


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