Tim Tebow turns into a no go


Posted Tue, Nov 15, 2011

Hike!: Tim Tebow takes a snap during the first quarter of the Oct. 30th game against the Detroit Lions. [Photo: Shawn Martin]

DENVER– Headed into Sunday’s Oct. 30, game against the Detroit Lions; Tim Tebow became the talk of the NFL with his miraculous comeback he led against the Miami Dolphins the previous week.

The majority of the Bronco fans felt as if they had found the next great football sensation, ignoring the fact he had arguably the worst statistics for a QB during the first 55 minutes of the game before the 15-point comeback (4-14 for 40 yards). Tebow did end up winning the game for the Broncos and the hearts of all Denver fans who believed in him.

I was probably one of few people who live in the Mile-High City who doesn’t believe the Broncos future rest in the hands of Tebow, but I just let his game do the talking. When I was headed to the game, I couldn’t walk five feet without seeing something Tebow related. Walking into the stadium I tripped over countless fans “Tebowing,” (To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.) a short-lived phenomenon Tebow pose that fans reenacted to following the Miami win. This proves the Denver fans have issues and are setting themselves up for utter disappointment.

The stadiums atmosphere was great, but it didn’t last long. The Broncos started out fast, driving down the field and almost getting a touchdown pass from Tebow to Eric Decker. Unfortunately Decker was out of bounds leaving Denver to settle for a field goal. Fans erupted feeling even more confident about the man behind center.

Lion’s quarterback Mathew Stafford quickly gave Denver a reality check, and showed any spectator how the position should be played. Stafford drove the Lions 80 yards throwing a 41-yard touchdown to Titus Young who was wide open due to safeties miscommunication.

After the Lion’s first touchdown, the game became out of hand as they scored 38 straight additional points after the first quarter. Tebow’s two turnovers, a fumble loss and an interception, both ended up being defensive touchdowns. The score was so out of reach, Denver could clearly tell another come back became impossible.

Even though Tebow’s first home start this season had failed, hopeful fans never booed him. This drove me nuts, if you know football at all, you should know Tebow just isn’t fit for the NFL as a QB, and Kyle Orton is the best option Denver has to win. Any other team in the league would have benched Tebow sometime during this game.

I’ve seen Denver fans completely kick former quarterbacks to the curb. Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, and even Kyle Orton all were praised at one point, then booed all the way to the bench. None of them played as bad as Tebow, but fans kept their mouths shut and the entire stadium was silent.

It was just announced Tebow will start this Sunday in Oakland to play the Raiders. It is what the fans still want? Broncos Vice President John Elway is probably okay with the decision. First and foremost, the only way to quiet the fans is for Elway to set Tebow up to fail. If Denver continues to lose, they stay in the running for Standford’s quarterback sensation Andrew Luck, who is expected to be the number 1 draft pick in 2012. He would be a perfect fit for Denver who seems to be the team with the most QB questions unanswered.

What comes of the rest of the season is all a mystery, but what we do know is the fans got what they wanted, and don’t seem as pleased as they might have hoped. Next time I think they will leave the decisions on who is playing to the professionals.

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4 Responses to “Tim Tebow turns into a no go”

  1. LeAndra Says:

    Good story, however the stats with Tebow are improving compared to past qb’s and he is still young and new…ive it time!


  2. Cherise Scrivner Says:

    Good sports coverage. I like to finally see a different opinion out there..!
    Perfect for sports fans and readers!


  3. Kevin R. Says:

    Good story and I couldn’t agree with you more. The last “GREAT” QB we had was Plummer and our fans ran him out of town after he got us to the AFC Championship. Do Denver fans even know what the AFC Championship is anymore?


  4. Alex Says:

    I like the intro. It had a nice flavoring details, and I liked the how concise the recap of the previous game was. It was nice to lay the ground work to build the article on. You made a good case for Tebow to be riding the bench but you lost me at the “if you know anything about football” line. Why is Orton a better quarterback. Language like “you should know” can come off as a little antagonistic toward you audience. You made a good case for everything else, and I would bet you have a solid argument for Orton. Maybe a head to head comparison of the two QBs as side bar?


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