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Posted Wed, Oct 12, 2016

The Blake Street Tavern, 2301 Blake St.,

The Blake Street Tavern, 2301 Blake St. [Photo: Earl Grant]

DENVER — “Are you ready for some football?”

The 2016 NFL is in full swing. I do not have cable or any type of NFL package. So, I decided to venture out into LoDo in search of a football friendly sports bar. I am an active participant in weekly Fantasy Football, and I love to watch as many games as possible. I needed to find a bar that serves great food and service.

I did some research online, reading reviews on several different LoDo sports bars. After sifting through yelp* (the online guide connecting businesses and people), I found a place that carries a three and one half star rating with over 200 reviews. The Blake Street Tavern, 2301 Blake St., become the choice of my NFL Sunday.

The Blake Street Tavern is conveniently two blocks North of Coors Field. Both the rear and front entrance are equipped with wheelchair accessible ramps. The back patio has six flat screen televisions – just in case you want to watch the game and grab a bite outdoors. A smoking section separates cigarette puffers from those whom prefer no smoke.

Blake Street Tavern caters to fans off all NFL franchises–not just Denver Bronco fanatics. Every game for every team is shown on Sundays. The Tavern uses its 18,000 square feet to cater to NFL fans. Each television is labeled at the bottom of the screen to assist fans in finding their favorite team’s game. For example, I am a Cleveland Browns fan. Blake Street Tavern delegated a section of tables and TV’s to a game where the Browns played the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens and Browns’ fans feel welcomed, as they have their own section to view the game.

I met Carol, 27, a real estate agent who was in town on business.

The sound of cheers, jeers and the audio of 10 different games blaring is a one of a kind atmosphere. As a football enthusiast the vibes in the air at The Blake Street Tavern are epic and priceless. This bar has three levels and the staff is equipped to serve all the patrons with quality service.

I spoke with a few patrons to pick their brains as to why they choose the Blake Street Tavern for their Sunday NFL excursion including Freddrick Moore Jr., a professional NFL handicapper.

Moore makes a living, or goes broke gambling on NFL games. ”I need to be able to view all my games, and this place does that for me,” adding “Bro the nachos are a staple of what I order here, it’s enough to feed me twice.”

The Blake Street Tavern also host viewing parties for every Broncos, Seahawks, Patriots, and Chiefs games.

“Are you ready for some football?”
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