Overshadowed Baseball


Posted Sat, Nov 3, 2012

October signifies the time of cooler weather, changing colors, and of course football. But what is missing from this? Simple, it is lacking America’s own pastime.

October marks the beginning of baseball’s playoff series, and ultimately the World Series. But yet many people forget the season is still even going on. It is not surprising though. With the National Football League season fully underway, and the powerhouse teams quickly emerging, it does become hard to remember a sport that has a season lasting seemingly all year long.

Local sports fan Ky Dietz, 20, said, “Baseball does get overshadowed by football right now and will continue to be overshadowed until the World Series. But football is never overshadowed partly because of the amount of games.”

There does seem to be a pattern here, baseball plays 162 games, the most of which go unnoticed due to limited television coverage and the conflicting day game schedule during the middle of the week, whereas football has only 16 in a season, all of which take place on the weekend or in primetime. This makes each of those football games more impactful on the overall success of a team, thus potentially leading to more excitement and hype for each game.

But not even a rare achievement such as a player winning the Triple Crown for only the 15th time in the history of the sport, and the first winner of the award since the 1967 season seemed to bring the once iconic sport to the limelight. In a survey of nearly 50 people on the campus of Metropolitan State University of Denver, and of other sports fans in Littleton, Colo., only 15 said they knew about Miguel Cabrera’s achievement and only three said they were keeping track of the progress as the season came to a close.

In what appeared to be an attempt to gain some excitement back into the sport and keep fans coming back despite all the other more popular sports beginning their seasons, the Major League Baseball Association came up with an idea to expand the number of teams eligible for the playoffs. They did this by adding an additional Wildcard playoff spot in each league thus creating a one game playoff to determine what the last team in the playoffs would be.

Leading up to the single elimination Wildcard games the hope was that it would create some much needed excitement to get the 2012 playoffs underway. Unfortunately it was over shadowed by the controversy of a questionable play call that ultimately had an impact on the game.

This call took place in the eighth inning of the game between the Atlanta Braves versus the St. Louis Cardinals. The Braves were down 6-3, but by all appearances on the verge of scoring and possibly mounting a comeback when the Braves’ shortstop hit a shallow pop fly that ultimately was ruled an infield fly making the batter out automatically. This ruling would have been the correct call had a player actually caught the ball.

The fans and team alike reacted emotionally which led to the field being littered in trash thrown down by the fans. So the commissioners’ attempt at creating more excitement to ultimately gain some attention to the fading sport backfired and instead brought attention to why many fans believe baseball is stuck in the past by not adopting the instant replay rules.

Jack Christensen, 32, a long time baseball fan who is slowly slipping away from the sport had this to say: “If baseball actually attempted to modernize itself through adopting the technology available then maybe so many people wouldn’t look at it as a slow paced old-fashioned game.”

It has yet to be determined whether or not the MLB decides to begin implementing the use of instant replay further into the sport, it is currently used on some homerun calls, but they have yet to rule out the possibility of adding it in the near future.                 

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7 Responses to “Overshadowed Baseball”

  1. Scott Corbridge Says:

    Baseball being overshadowed is being caused from the rapid fan base that comes with football. Everyone wants the season to start and unless you’re a die hard baseball fan, you tend to focus your attention on football. Even when the World Series starts, it seems that if your team is playing in the series, then you won’t even watch it. Hopefully baseball can make a comeback.


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  2. Spencer Says:

    Everybody knows that baseball gets overshadowed as the summer winds down and the football season starts, but no one ever writes about it. Great job


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