Viking Culture is Brought to Estes Park


Posted Tue, Jul 2, 2019

Reenactors teach the audience how to do Viking dances. [Photo: Autumn Schwinn]

ESTES PARK, Colo. – Crowds cheered and dancers swayed. The air smelled of Swedish meatballs, while gallantly dressed lads and ladies fashioned their handmade garments to the audience and taught folk line dancing. The reenactors of Viking Vinland Society brought the Scandinavian culture to the mountains of Colorado and the crowd couldn’t get enough.

The dancing, fashion show, duals and food captured the feeling of this culture and gave attendees a surreal experience. The two-day Scandinavian Festival lasted from June 2223 and not just for the adults, but the children too. Katherine McGuinness, a reenactor, held her cold hands together and smiled as she explained her favorite thing about the festival, “It’s getting the kids interested.” With games, sweets and the chance to fight a Viking, children were roped into the activities.

The Vikings Vinland Society travels the world selling replicas of Viking items to museums and performing with fights and fashion shows. Viking tool replications were displayed, handmade clothes were shown, and handcrafted Viking tents were set up.

Viking tent made by Loren Schultz. [Photo: Autumn Schwinn]

For more than 11 years, Loren Schultz has been with the company as a blacksmith and wood worker.  Schultz loves how they educate people with their work and “try to be accurate to history.” With museums purchasing his armor and tool replicas, Loren feels proud of his work.

Weather took a turn on the second day of the event and delayed a few of the shows. Another reenactor named Crystal Luce, said this trip to Estes “has been the coldest year it’s been in a while.” Luckily, the wind pushed the rain clouds on and sunny blue skies finished up the last day of the festival.

Accuracy to history was the biggest impact. With everything from the shoes on their feet and the hats on their head, to the handmade weapons and clothes, the reenactors brought it all to life. Attendees learned so much about this lost culture and had a phenomenal time doing it.


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  1. Logan Link Says:

    Good article! Very interesting to learn about viking culture and how they are trying to pass their heritage and knowledge on.


  2. brando perez Says:

    Great job Autumn!

    This event sounds awesome. 🏴⚔️🍺

    Great job describing how much thought and detail attendees have for this event.


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