To Carry or not to Carry, that is the Question


Posted Mon, Feb 25, 2013

DENVER — Gun rights advocates and opponents are in arms again as the Colorado State Legislature is in the middle of voting on several bills that could severely restrict the Second Amendment in Colorado.

On Feb. 18, the Colorado State House approved four pro gun control measures — one of which was a bill banning the concealed carrying of handguns on Colorado college campuses. The inception of the bill needs no introduction considering that is comes on the heels of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. But Metro State University beat the State Legislature to the punch.

The Metro State University Board of Trustees put its support behind any state bill that would ban the carrying of a concealed weapon by a licensed individual on college campuses statewide. Armed with the knowledge that a bill by State Representative Levy was in the works, the Board of Trustees made the decision to endorse any bill of the banning nature, although at the time of the meeting the specific bill voted on Feb. 18, in that State House was not available. The decision is no surprise as most college governing bodies has shown themselves to be a majority pro-gun control.

Recent surveys have shown a nationally split among college students on the issue of legal concealed college carry. One side believes that institutes of higher learning should be gun-free zones, while Students for Concealed Carry and the NRA both assert that students should have the right to defend themselves should another Virginia Tech massacre take place again. Citing that concealed carry serves as a deterrent for any would be assassin hell bent on carnage. Both sides of the debate cite different sources.

“Certainly there is an expectation that someone might not commit a gun crime with the knowledge that anyone could be carrying a concealed firearm,” says Auraria Police Det. Leonard Peete. “The problem is that not everyone who commits gun crimes is thinking in a rational manner or considers the consequences of his/her actions.”

The good news is though that solving the debate is not necessary, shedding light on the current news is.

As both sides of the debate gear up for a final vote in the State Senate, (Governor Hickenlooper has already stated his support for such measures and will most likely sign a bill of this nature into law) the tension in the air gets thicker and thicker with the knowledge that either way the vote will meet huge public opposition. Should the measures pass the pro-gun lobbies are all but certain to fight the issues all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court.

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