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Posted Sat, Oct 3, 2015

Finish Strong: The Mustangs want to make playoffs this year but more work is need be done. (Picture provided by MRHS)

Finish Strong: The Mustangs want to make playoffs this year but more work is need be done. (Picture provided by MRHS)

WESTMINSTER, Colo.—The high scoring Mountain Range Mustangs put there undefeated record on the line, as they face the 2-1 Brighton Bulldogs Sept. 17,  at 1st Bank Stadium. The Mustangs came into night being led by junior midfielder Collin Yeager with team leading three goals on the season and senior goalie Justin Johnson who was riding a .70 save percentage. The Mustangs didn’t disappoint as they went on to improved their record to 2-0 overall, while Brighton fell to 2-2.

Mountain Range’s head coach Eric Sarno credits his defense.  “It’s a good clean sheet,” Sarno says. “We talk defensively holding that shutout and we are 2-0 and it’s a good start going into Arvada West.”

Junior defensive midfielder Alex King agrees. “We got a senior in the center, Marc (Soria), and he is helping keeping everyone in line, making sure we push up, when drop back, when to move and its good communication which is helping with a solid defense.”

In the first half the Mustangs look like they were Manchester United as they outshot the Bulldogs 7-1. The Bulldogs fought but to no unveil as the Mustangs took a 1-0 halftime lead on a goal from Matthew McGuire. Mountain Range midfielder Jonathan Clements led the team 5 shots on goal at halftime.

Senior midfielder Matthew McGuire added another one to finish with 2 goals off the bench and junior Collin Yeager was a spark plug from the beginning as he’d finish the night with a pair of goals on 5 shots to bring his total up from three to five goals on the season. “Colin is a good player for us who scores a lot goals in buckets and he could lead the conference in goal scoring, he is fast, he’s pacey, he is tough to mark, so, he’s on I think he’s got 4 or 5 goals this year,” says Sarno. “It was team win (and) got some younger guys in there, so it was a good win going into Arvada West.”

Colin, who’d is the junior captain, just owns it to his teammates. “I don’t wear the badge other than I’m out here with these guys,” Yeager says. “Everyone is a leader on this field and when someone needs to talk to me, I will talk to them. I think it’s more everybody leads. I think the badge means more on the team.”

Senior midfielder Johnathan Clements wanted a piece of the action as he finish the game with a goal on seven shots. “Johnny our captain! He is our senior captain for a reason. He is our true quarterback in there, he a genitor, lots of shots on target,” Sarno says. “We talked about breaking it down dribbling through, dribbling through and he had that idea and finish on target.”

As for Johnathan, he just wants to keep up the pressure. “I just want to keep that momentum and the level high, so, keep putting pressure on the team and get some goals out of it.”

There was some good news for Brighton as there junior goalie Enrique Sierra Salgado was there only bright spot as he finished the night with 13 saves on 18 shots.  The Mustangs outshot the bulldogs 18-to-3 but could have had a lot more if wasn’t for being offsides 12 times, with nine coming in the first half.

“Yeah! Brighton came out, they had a game plan on having that high line and they were pushing us forward,” Sarno says.  “It’s tough to go against; we talked about it at halftime and figure it out a little better the second half but its tough something that we haven’t seen very often.”

King agrees. “We coming into this that there high line and the last team (Overland) they played had over 10 offsides in the first half, so, we knew that and we didn’t adapt to that much until the second half and we started to get more and more break aways.”

The Mustangs didn’t take their foot of the gas pedal after halftime, as they pushed their lead up to 5-0. Just like the rapids, the Bulldogs didn’t give up as they continue to fight but the Mustangs eventually won 5-0 over Brighton High School to keep their undefeated season going. “Hopefully we just keep this streak going and maybe go 10-0 throughout the season and just keep the momentum,” Clements says.

Teammate Colin Yeager agrees but took it a step further. “Defiantly want to make playoffs this year and that’s a major goal because we haven’t made playoffs in a while, so were on track for it.” Mountain Range Mustangs on Saturday took on Arvada West to improve their record to 3-0, but took a beating as they fell 4 to 0 against them. The 2-1 Mustangs hope to get back on the winning trail as they travel to take on Westminster High School this week.

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