The Gem of Glendale


Posted Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Glendale keeps futuristic motorcycles that excite kids showing them at many events. [Photo: Glendale Police Dept.]

Glendale futuristic motorcycles excite kids as well as adults. [Photo: Courtesy of Glendale Police Dept.]

GLENDALE, Colo. — Officer Korbie Perkins has been with the Glendale Police force for 14 years and has been an investigator for seven. Her main role is that of being a public information officer.

Perkins coordinates events allowing police officers to meet the people of Glendale. The department holds Halloween parties for kids in the community, along with the usual Christmas party. Glendale keeps futuristic motorcycles that excite kids showing them at many of those events. They also have a polar type vehicle that allows them to go down to Cherry Creek and patrol.

Perkins takes a pro-active role in getting to know residence, businesses and bus stops. “When someone steals food,” she says, “we ask them what is going on in their lives, and we provide them with sources so they won’t go hungry. Concierge policing is what we like to do.”

Perkins’ area of patrol runs from the South part of Colorado Boulevard, Forest and Mississippi streets.

Perkins is one of the many friendly police officers at the Glendale Station. Glendale itself is not very big, however, with all the new construction, Glendale is growing at a very fast rate. Most people are leery of police officers today. Police officers get a bad rap with all the negative press.

Glendale's polar type vehicle that allows them patrol Cherry Creek which runs through the city.

Glendale’s polar type vehicle allows officers to patrol Cherry Creek which runs through the city. [Photo Courtesy of Glendale Police Dept.]

The amount of training that police officers go through is a constant part of an officer’s busy day. They are welcoming three new recruits from the police academy this month. These officers have had to deal with human trafficking, drugs and dealing with the homeless.

Glendale is lucky in the fact of not having many homeless in the area and crime is in check, according to authorities. Glendale, which is surrounded by the city and county of Denver, has an excellent liaison with Denver Police Department and Arapahoe County Sheriff Office, the two law enforcement agencies in which they have the most interaction. Since they do not have a high-tech lab, such one might see on television’s CSI, Glendale police focus is working with the families and within the community.

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  1. Kyle Rickert Says:

    It’s really cool to see the police interacting with the community in a positive way. I’d like a picture of Perkins and maybe to hear about some of the other Glendale officers that participate, though. Nice read.


  2. Nicole Ault Says:

    Police officers that get this involved with their community really are a gem. It is nice to read about someone that does this especially in a time when most police officers are not put in a good light. I agree I would like to see a picture of Perkins but otherwise very nice story.


  3. Kavann Tok Says:

    I love your story. It’s really important that in a time where cops are painted in a bad light all over the news, there is a story like this that emphasizes on the good people in the police force as well.


  4. Khaleel Herbert Says:

    This is awesome stuff, Matt!

    I really liked your lead and inclusion of quotes from Perkins.
    This definitely puts the police in a good light.

    Saw an error where you say “They have also have a polar type vehicle”
    and you should say Perkins instead of Korbie after your first reference through the rest of the article.

    Still a great story! I like the pictures of the futuristic vehicles 🙂

    Awesome job!


  5. Preston Morse Says:

    Good job, Mark! I like a feel-good news story for a change. What’s next for Perkins and the rest of the Glendale Police Dept? Could conclude with an upcoming event or specific project currently in the works?

    Keep it up!


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