The Denver Post Shaping the Future of Journalism


Posted Thu, Jul 26, 2018

Denver Post youth content manager, Dana Plewka kicking things off, by presenting here PowerPoint to the kids. [Photo: David Guardado ]

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Denver Post youth content manager, Dana Plewka spearheaded the paper’s 18thYouth Journalism Day on June 19, at Auraria’s Tivoli Student Union.

The program, sponsored by MSU Denver’s Journalism and Technical Communications Department, hosted 65 elementary/middle school students from the Rocky Mountain Region.

Sharing their industry knowledge with the future journalist were professors Jessica Taves, Mike Peterson, Laurence Washington, Kip Wotkyns and Shaun Schafer who spoke on interviewing, photography and writing techniques.

“I knew there was a journalism program here on campus (MSU Denver),” Plewka says. “I [had met] with the journalism department, and they just completely jumped on it. They were excited to invite us to come.”

Sylvia Goodman listing to MSU Denver Professor Kip Woytkyns presentation. [Photo: David Guardado]

With kids coming from all over Colorado and other states, middle schooler Sylvia Goodman stands out with her passion for journalism.

“As a kid in the Next-Gen program,” Goodman says, “it is important for me to be here to get more experience. It’s a great opportunity for me because I love to read, and I’m a huge Marvel and Star Wars fan.

Goodman adds that she’s had the chance to write book and movie reviews for popular films such as “Solo” and “The Avengers” since being part of the program.

“We choose the kids under 14 years old,” Plewka explains, “because our feeling was once a kid goes into high school there is more opportunity. But when they’re under the age of 14, you are very limited. We saw a need in the community to have a program were young kids have an opportunity to try out some of the writing that is journalism.”

Plewka hopes the students feel like they understand MSU Denver, and that the youth camp is important.

“I think that is a very powerful thing to say to an 8-year-old, you have a college experience.”


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  1. Lisa McIntyre Says:

    This article provides great information about the program and how MSU plays an important role in its success. Love your quotes, David. Nice work.


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