Taste of Colorado: Food and adventure in the Mile-High City


Posted Thu, Oct 15, 2015


Mark Sullivan has been working at The Taste of Colorado for two years. [Photo: Andrea Herrera]

DENVER — An event that has been a tradition since 1983 is now celebrating its 32nd anniversary. The Taste of Colorado has never let Coloradans down.

Located on 1600 Broadway St. the Taste is a great time for family fun, yummy treats, amusing rides and of course let’s not forget live concerts!

The Taste of Colorado has been an ongoing event for several years with its many local and foreign shops. The three-day event is typically set up on the Friday to initiate Labor Day weekend. With plenty of food and beer stands to pick from, the event is set up around Broadway Street downtown.

All kinds of booth are found at the Taste which makes it difficult to visit each and every one.

Vendor Mark Sullivan says he has been working at the Taste of Colorado for two years and still finds joy in it.  Sullivan admitted what got him interested in participating was he always found himself attending the event. Sullivan had attended The Taste of Colorado 18 years ago and it “kind of became his passion.” From there he knew he had to get in the business.

Sullivan is now working at the information booth, and he says his favorite part of the event is being able to try new things. Rattlesnake and alligator are some of his new choices.


Over 500,000 people make the four-day Festival their Labor Day Weekend celebration and enjoy the offerings of over 50 area food establishments, 275 marketplace artisans and vendors, six entertainment stages, and educational programs promoting the diverse cultural and western heritage of the region — all for no admission fee. [Photo: Andrea Herrera]

At the Taste of Colorado, it’s common to find new modern day items along with old antique gems and bobbles. Jewelry and fine art pieces are found here and sold at a cheap price.

Alex Acuna, a storeowner sells original jewelry made from “Plata,” meaning silver from Taxco Guerrero and Mexico City.

Acuna has been attending the Taste of Colorado for 30 years and will continue to attend it for as long as he can. He said he “enjoys selling his pieces and being able to see the look on a person’s face once they find a piece of jewelry they like.”

Although it does get tiring, Acuna says he enjoys being able to “call your own hours and decided when to put up the stand and when to take it down.”

There are several interesting people at the Taste of Colorado, as well as unique shops and stands. From beer to food from live music to rollercoasters, the Taste of Colorado has it all, so make sure and stop by next year for the 33rd year anniversary, right before the Labor Day chaos starts.

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  1. Preston Morse Says:

    Great story Andrea! I like the quotes from the vendors. It’s nice when people open up like that. I felt there were some missed opportunities to add color to the story. In the last paragraph for example “there are several interesting people…” could really pop with different wordage. “There are scores of fascinating characters…”

    Keep it up!


  2. Yara W. de S Says:


    Good job. You made me want to go to the taste myself. I remember you mentioned how hard it was for people to open up because of the type of event this was, but everything included was great.

    I’m a very visual person, so more pictures would have been nice.

    Really good job.


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