Small Businesses Receives Big attention by City Council


Posted Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Mayor Bob Murphy

Mayor Bob Murphy

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — In their first meeting after the general election, Lakewood city council focuses their attention on local matters. Mayor Bob Murphy made a proclamation about small businesses, encouraging Lakewood citizens to shop at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Councilman Scott Koop read the proclamation:

“Small Business Saturday, Nov. 29, 2014. Whereas Lakewood celebrates its local small businesses and the contribution they make to our local economy and the community by creating jobs, sustaining our neighborhoods…consumers across the country agree that small businesses contribute positivity to the local community by supplying jobs and generation tax revenue. Lakewood with numerous public and private organizations across the country has endorsed the Saturday after Thanksgiving as small business Saturday…”

Scott Koop

Scott Koop

After the proclamation, Mayor Murphy states that small businesses support other local businesses and charities. He encourages people to buy from local businesses this shopping season.

During the public comments section, Wendy Strom accompanied by two West Gate Elementary students to address their concerns about the park near their school, which needs trees and remove hazards that are dangerous to children playing at the park.

Councilwoman Karen Harrison

Councilwoman Karen Harrison

“…Our favorite place to go is West Gate Playground…its used by 600 students at our school and many other children in our neighborhood…there are several reasons why this playground needs an upgrade…the rocks are a major problem they cause kids to slip…” said West Gate Elementary student, Elise Kockette.

The council was moved by the student’s plea for improvement on the playground. Councilwoman Karen Harrison, who is in charge of the district where West Gate Playground is located replied to the students, “I drove by the other day and I can see why its really gotten some concerns in that area…I really hope there is a way we can really help these people out. This needs some help.”

While the meeting was short, the council is openly supporting local businesses and will make an effort to help West Gate. They closed the meeting by thanking Veterans and citizens who participate in their local government.

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  1. Nancy Says:

    Another great job on reporting. I think it’s wonderful Lakewood is having Small Business Saturday, there really are a lot of great privately owned businesses in Lakewood, I’d rather support them than Wal-Mart or the Target in Belmar. Its good to hear the meeting was short, that five hour meeting sounds way long. Great reporting 🙂


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