Riding with Auraria’s Jedi


Posted Tue, May 10, 2016

May the Force be with you

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU: Auraria police are the campus’ custodians of Peace and Justice. [Photo Craig Hall]

DENVER, Auraria Campus— Much like the Jedi of Star Wars, the Auraria Police are the custodians of Peace and Justice in their own galaxy that isn’t far, far away. These custodians are ever present in the hour of need, no task too small or mundane. It is their constant vigilance that keeps the students and faculty safe and secure.

“We are staffed by 24 officers, who work 10 hours shifts, around the clock all year for the reassurance of the students,” said Auraria Campus Police Officer Mark Jones during a recent patrol shift. “We usually have two or three cars on patrol depending on the day. The chief likes us to be visible. This visibility helps deter crime, and offers comfort for the students.”

Events, such as Spring Fling, extra precautions are in place to help controlling any possible disturbances. According to ACPD Master Patrol Officer Chris Sabin,” There isn’t much commotion, students are busy going to classes. Transients confine themselves.”

What makes the Auraria Police the “Jedi” of the campus aside from their calming presence, is they are also teachers for those who wish to embrace their knowledge. The Auraria Police allow these knowledge seekers to partake in a ride-along with a patrol officer. In this capacity, a civilian as the opportunity to interact with the officer on an individual basis about a great many topic regarding law enforcement on campus, as well as the city and county of Denver.

Chris Sabin is approaching his 14th year with the Auraria Campus Police Department. The years have left Sabin with stories for every inch of grounds he patrols. Photo by Sara Hertwig

TICKET TO WRITE: Officer Chris Sabin is approaching his 15th year with the Auraria Campus Police Department.  [Photo by Sara Hertwig]

“The ride-along is very popular. Students, friends of employees, possible candidates participate. Many just want to see how the police function,” Jones explains.

If one chooses to participate, one may encounter several incidents, or few to none at all. On a recent shift with Officer Jones, the former occurred, all pertaining to parking issues. Of the parking, Jones says, “Parking is a major issue, there just isn’t enough. We’re going to have a continuous problem until there is more available.”

For those who want to do a ride-along, the most popular time are Friday and Saturday nights.

“People may have the chance to see drunks or a fight,” he says.

Most of the time though, these “Jedi” officer patrol their little galaxy within the universe that is the city and county of Denver, ensuring their safety that has been entrusted to them. If something runs amiss, the Auraria Police will be there like the Flash.

“We try to respond within two minutes of a call,” Jones says.

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