President Barack Obama visits Colorado


Posted Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Stumping The Jobs Bill: A jovia President Obama addresses an enthusiastic crowd at Abraham Lincoln High School. Photo by LeAndra Fagen

DENVER — President Barack Obama visited Abraham Lincoln High School Sept. 27, to speak on his plan of getting Americans back to work, and what is ahead in terms of the country’s economy. Obama spoke specifically about his $447 billion American Jobs Act as part of a series of seven fundraisers and speeches.

The American Jobs Act plans to first: Put more people back to work where they can earn their own money. Second: Suggest more workloads for the American people and have everything completely paid for.

“Yes, people are frustrated with the economy and with jobs. But when they look at the President, the President’s character… they’re all in support,” said Jeremy Bird, Obama’s field director.

Obama reassured the crowd that in signing the Jobs Act right away, America would be able to rebuild, upgrade and guarantee immediate work for the unemployed.

“I do feel as though our President is making the most of what he has been given,” said Katherine Hill, a college student at Colorado State. He had a lot to pick up after our former President left office. You can see the sincerity and care Obama shows when he speaks to any audience young or old.”

Obama addressed the issue of budget cuts, and how losing teachers in the future will jeopardize America’s economy and education. He assured veterans that if the bill passes, they will have jobs when they get back from serving their country.

“I don’t believe Obama really cares about our nation, more less our military,” said Denverite Jessica Song. “For Christ sake, he doesn’t even salute our country’s flag.”

Reports have shown that President Obama’s jobs plan is favored by eight out of 10 people. However, Song is skeptical of Obama’s American Jobs Act.

“It sounds like it would be a great way to get our country moving in the right path,” she said. “But then again, how many lies we have caught President Obama in.”

Those in favor of passing the bill, and who stand behind Obama, made it known with signs stating “Obama 2012” during the speech.

Obama summed up his speech by addressing underlining the fact that a typical working family in Colorado is receiving more than $1,700 tax cut next year. He said that the American people have to pass the Jobs Act, otherwise, middle-class families will be hit with a huge tax increase next year.

“It is time to build an economy that creates good middle-class jobs in this country,” Obama said. “It’s time to build an economy that honors the values of hard work and responsibility. It is time to build an economy that last.”

The crowd of supporters could be heard miles away as Obama re-alliterated how important it was to act fast in response to the American Jobs Act.

“We are not people who just watch things happen,” Obama said. “We make things happen. We are Americans. We are tougher than the times we live in, and bigger than our politics have been.”

Obama spent two days addressing those states on the West Coast to gain their support for the upcoming elections and to discuss the future plans he wants to accomplish. The turnout was huge around 5,000 people not only in the Lincoln area, but that of the surroundings Denver areas as well.

“It seems that President Obama might just win the state of Colorado over,” said Denverite Ernest Fields.

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  1. Nikki Says:

    Very well rounded with quotes from both perspectives!!!


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    Very infomaive and concise. I like that it gets to the point and the little spin on education and teacher jobs, it’s important. Also I see balance in your article, it does not seem biased in any way.


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