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Posted Sat, Sep 13, 2014

ORANGE CRUSH: In the first quarter of the NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles,December 27, 2009, in Philadelphia,PA. [Photo by Denver Bronocs]

ORANGE CRUSH: In the first quarter of the NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles,December 27, 2009, in Philadelphia,PA. [Photo by Denver Bronocs]

DENVER- the past couple of years the country has heard more and more about drug abuse and alcohol abuse in sports. In the NFL, Athletes are getting suspended left and right because of those offenses. The suspensions have range from 4 to 6 games for first offense, up to a year for the second offense and then an indefinite suspension for third offense.

However, something else came to light in the league the past few months which was domestic violence. The running back of the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice, was arrested for abusing his then girlfriend who now is his wife. The arrest became national news and reporters began writing and interviewing people in the Ravens Organization and the NFL about what was going to happen to him. Moreover, the Ravens said that Rice and the team was cooperating with the authorities as the legal system took its course.

Further, the league came down with its verdict of only suspending Rice for two games. This spark a debate for the reason that NFL decide on a penalty that many considered too lenient.

On July 30th, Washington Post’s Mark Maske wrote: “Opinion was divided among high-ranking officials from several NFL teams contacted this week, although it was mostly weighted toward questioning the penalty. One said he initially thought the punishment was too light but came to believe there is a measure of validity to the league’s stance that Rice was a first-time offender and the NFL had done far more to punish Rice, with a penalty that will cost him more than $500,000, than the criminal justice system did.”

At this time, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defended his actions with regards to the suspension by stating to the Washington Post “that the punishment has to be consistent with other cases, and it was in this matter.” More importantly, he came out saying he made a mistake and since then the NFL has come out with stricter penalties for Domestic Violence.

Furthermore, the world and the NFL eventually suspended Ray Rice indefinitely and the Ravens Organization releasing him respectfully. The Reason was because TMZ release the video of Rice hitting his then fiance who now is his wife. This spark controversy because an AP Source came out saying the NFL got the type but the league has said that they never saw it.

Moreover, Goodell addressed the controversy in his first interview since suspending Rice indefinitely from the league, speaking exclusively with “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell. “No one in the NFL, to my knowledge, and I had been asked that same question and the answer to that is no. We were not granted that. We were told that was not something we would have access to,” says Goodell. On multiple occasions, we asked for it. And on multiple occasions we were told no. I understand that there may be legal restrictions on them sharing that with us. And we’ve heard that from attorneys general and former attorneys general.”

Since this scandal, two more NFL athletes have committed that same act. Ray McDonald of the 49ers and Greg Hardy of the Panthers committed these acts of violence. Ray and Greg were both arrested but haven’t been court to face the charges. Still as the investigation has been taking its course, these players haven’t been suspended yet only Rice has hmm.

O’Donnell ask him if the NFL has a Domestic violence problem. Goodell Responded

“Absolutely. We’re saying we have a problem. We have one incident, that’s a problem. And what we want do is by the policy that we implemented two weeks ago and say, “We haven’t done this right.” We have had lots of conversations, lots of listening and learning right here in this room with experts not just in the last two weeks or three weeks or month, but over the last couple of years to say, “How can we deal with this issue better? How can we prevent the cases from happening? And when they do happen, how can we send the right message to say, ‘this is unacceptable’?”

The world will never know about what the true reason behind his decision of making rice miss two games, but one thing is for sure violence against women, children is consider more of offense than drug and alcohol.  However Goodell told CBS that he doesn’t think his job is one the line because of this problem.

“No, I’m used to criticism. I’m used to that. Every day, I have to earn my stripes. Every day, I have to, to do a better job. And that’s my responsibility to the game, to the NFL, and to what I see as society. People expect a lot from the NFL. We accept that. We embrace that,” says Goodell. “That’s our opportunity to make a difference not just in the NFL, but in society in general. We have that ability. We have that influence. And we have to do that. And every day, that’s what we’re going to strive to do.”

In Other Action….

Adrian Peterson, Running back of the Minnesota Vikings, turn himself into Texas police. The running back has been charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child.

He was booked at the Montgomery County jail and was released after he posted bond for $15,000. If convicted, Peterson could face up to two years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000 or Probation which comes with a clean record.

Peterson’s attorney Russ Hardin said in a statement to ABC News that Peterson is cooperating with police.

“Adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son,” says Hardin. He used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in East Texas.”

Let the waiting game begin.





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