Women in Science and Engineering Members Wanted


Posted Wed, Apr 5, 2017

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Jena Jacobs, president of MSU Denver Women in Science and Engineering, is looking to recruit new members before she graduates this spring.

W.I.S.E. is an organization that reaches female students attending the university’s Math, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics careers. They meet monthly to keep in contact with one another and organize events.

Jacobs, a Biology senior, joined W.I.S.E. last year. “My role as president is to organize events to keep everyone on track and to make sure our voice is heard,” Jacobs said. “For example, we are doing a Girl Scouts reach, we are doing an actual science camp with them, and I just coordinate the actual students.”

Students are reached through events such as “Spring Fling,” or the “Major Minor’s Fair” where W.I.S.E. sets up tables outside the events, talks to students and gathers their emails.

For a moment, Jacobs thought that W.I.S.E. wouldn’t be together this year, because there were not enough people when she joined last fall.

W.I.S.E. Girls Scout Science Camp
[Photo: Ashley Tucker]

Jacobs’ major challenge, before she graduates, is to recruit more members. “In the future, we have to reach more freshman and sophomore students, so we can have more long-standing members in our group every single year, instead of just seniors coming in every semester and leaving. It’s kind of tough,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs invites all women in the Science and Engineering departments especially those in freshman and sophomore semesters to meet other women in those fields and join doing special events.

“Anybody who is in science, and is a woman, or who feels that they can have a science degree, and their opinion matters,” Jacobs said. “So, we invite everyone in the community and if they want to be part of our group we send them an email to invite them to our group.”

Their next group meeting is April 7, at 12 p.m. in the Chemistry Conference Room.

Future events are the “Empowerment Banquet” with a guest speaker from Anschutz Medial Campus, on April 13, and “Girl Scouts Badges Workshop,” on April 15.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events or become a member, please contact Jena Jacobs at jacobsjc8@gmail.com


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11 Responses to “Women in Science and Engineering Members Wanted”

  1. Madison Says:

    Good story. It would have made the story a bit more interesting if you had gotten quotes from other members about how they feel being a part of the group.


  2. Aaron Germani Says:

    Good details within the story to let us know what what is going on. You got some good quotes in there to help with your story as well. Good job.


  3. Montana Martin Says:

    Nice! It’s always a shame when groups or organizations like these are overlooked, so really great of you to give it some coverage.


  4. Audrey Frye Says:

    Great coverage, I would have liked to read about what members thought and what it’s like being a woman in that field.


  5. Molly Bercow Says:

    Great story! Its really helpful that you have information about meetings and locations at the bottom.


  6. Carly Cormier Says:

    I loved this story! So awesome that this event and these girls are getting the recognition they deserve! The contact information included is also really helpful.


  7. John Marinelli Says:

    Good article, liked the inclusion of an email address and dates for future events it ended the article nicely. Would have liked to hear more specifics about the problems that they were having with low membership last fall, but other than that the piece was very informative.


  8. Ilianna Lopez Says:

    Very well written article! I liked that you used more than one quote throughout your article. I also liked that you added when and where they are holding their next meeting at the end. I thought the angle you use for this story was great. We need more stories about women breaking through non-traditional roles. Nice job!


  9. Albert U Says:

    Super story, I would of liked to known how long W.I.S.E. has been around. A little more history in the middle is something I would like read about.


  10. Suzanne Shapiro Says:

    This story was impressive. I learned so much from your story. Great quotes and thorough research.


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