Students demand investment in Higher Education


Posted Thu, Apr 1, 2010

Students from 30 state colleges and universities across Colorado rallied at Auraria Campus and marched to the State Capital Wednesday in an attempt to draw attention to recent budget cuts in Colorado’s higher education system.

Rep. Karen Middleton talked to the rally on the stairs of the State Capital and urged the students to make an impact through thoughtful voting and lobbying.

“I get the message, I think you guys are a little pissed off today,” Middleton said to the crowd of students. “And you should be, but I hope you direct that interest, that anger and that frustration to the ballot box.”

Colorado is currently ranked as one of the worst states when it comes to education funding and the recent economic conditions as well as a government deficit of roughly $2.2 billion have left the State frantically looking to cut costs wherever it can. Unfortunately, education is one of the only unprotected expenditures and is historically one of the first things to be cut in economic slumps.

Higher education has been supported in past years by the federal stimulus money. However, in the 2010-11 fiscal years the State will stop receiving as much as $30 million in federal funds.

 “We go to college to make something of ourselves,” said Keegan East of Colorado State University addressing the crowd in front of the Capital. “….but this is hard to do when tuition keeps on going up, and either we increase the amount we take out in loans or we increase the strain we put on our parents.”

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  1. Charlotte Says:

    Isn’t Colorado now ranked last in higher ed funding? I’m pretty sure Mississippi just passed us. Good story.


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