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Posted Thu, Jul 28, 2016

Haley Deison (right) & Danborn (left)

Haley Deison (right) is interested in creative writing. Rhianna Danborn (left) has been writing since the 3rd grade. [Photo: Victoria Edstedt]

By Taylor Kennedy, Victoria Edstedt, Vanesa Terrazas

DENVER, Auraria Campus — Youth Journalism Day at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver), offers local teens a chance to learn from journalism professors about different parts of journalism. Five professors broke down a part of journalism and gave the youth journalists’ activities to incorporate what they have just learned.

“Youth Journalism Day is a annual event hosted by the Denver Post that helps middle schoolers from around Denver Metropolitan Area to become interested in being journalism students when they enter college,” said Kip Wotkyns, an associate professor of journalism at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Kip Wotkyns, Journalism Professor, opened his office door and said that he voted by mail two weeks ago.

MSU Denver Journalism Professor Kip Wotkyns says Youth Journalism Day introduces middle schoolers to journalism.

Throughout the day students tour the campus and see some of the parts that make up MSU Denver. The program splits students into rotating teams visiting several departments including Video Production, Aviation and Aerospace, MSU Admissions, Nursing and more.

“What we are trying to do is get them on campus, then writing about it, and publishing for their parents and Denver community to see online,” said Dana Anderson from the Denver Post.

Rhianna Danborn, a 10 year-old-budding novelist, is interest in creative writing. She likes coming to organizations or events such as Youth Journalism Day, because it helps her become a stronger writer. She likes to write stories and wants to be an author. Danbury discovered that she was interested in at a young age.

“I started [writing] when I was in 3rd grade, about 8 or 9 years old,” Danbury explains.

Haley Deison, 11-year-old youth journalist, is interested in writing creative realistic fiction. She wants to learn about people’s lives and report on it. Deison learned about what she wanted to write about by writing about her family’s trips. When she gets older she wants to be a journalist.

Budding journalist took part in Youth Journalism Day because he likes to write and read.

Budding journalist Tuhin Sur, 10, took part in Youth Journalism Day because he likes to write and read. [Photo: Victoria Edstedt]

“I think it will be fun to be a journalist,” Deison said,

Tuhin Sur, 10, is part of the Youth Journalism Program because he likes to write and read.

“I like to write about what I do during my day,” he said, “also about ideas that come up to my mind whenever I’m reading.”

Sur said that he liked this event because he can have an idea of what journalism is since he is thinking about being a writer. He enjoyed the activities that were performed by the teachers and the volunteers.

“There is a lot of skepticism about young people who say they want to be journalists,” Anderson said. “From adults they get a lot of, ‘You can’t do that, you can’t make a living, you can’t become a foreign correspondent.’ They shouldn’t listen to that, and should follow that dream, because even if you just learn how to write really well, you are going to have a bunch of different opportunities and careers.”

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