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Posted Tue, Nov 19, 2013

Photo of the ELC located near South Classroom on the west side.

ELC located near South Classroom on the west side. [Photo by Shawn Martin]

DENVER, Auraria campus — Auraria students should be aware of the opportunities there are for parents who are students, and students looking for a career in early childhood education. There is a facility on campus that would be perfect for you.

The Auraria Early Learning Center provides a daycare and early development programs for children. They have four different classroom styles for children who are just learning to walk and all the way to Kindergarten; these programs are year around. “Since 1994 the ELC has doubled in size from 6 classrooms to 12, they are rated at a 4 star rating according to Qualistar and maintain staying above with new trends in teaching techniques,” says Mary McCain the director of the ELC.  It is also a stepping stone for students who are also studying for education degrees.

Speaking to a few parents that have children at the center they had no negative feedback of the services they are receiving.

“What makes this a better place to take my children rather than another center is how educational based the center provides for my son and how convenient of a location when I am so close. I have no worries while I am in class because I know my son is learning how to interact with children his age and being well taken care of,” says Valerie a student at MSU Denver.

Valerie’s son Jake had his face painted while I conducted the interview and when I asked him his favorite part of the center he told me,“My favorite part about this place is all the fun stuff we do; I like the kids and the food.”

Majority of the employees are students (80 out of 100 employees) of all the schools on campus who are prepping for their degree or have had their degree, and when it comes to having your children become students at the ELC students of the Auraria Campus get first pick when it is time for enrollment and then non-students can have their children enroll as well. “Students do use our center to gain experience.  A lot of our Supervising teachers started as students and now are part of our permanent staff after they graduate,” McCain says.

The hours and schedule are typically throughout each semester and they are open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. More information on the ELC at their website at or you can call them at (303) 556-2319.


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