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Posted Sat, Feb 25, 2017

Dr. Janie Davidson shares her thoughts with Trustees, faculty and staff members. [Photo: Sara Hartwig]

Dr. Janie Davidson shares her thoughts with Trustees, faculty and staff members. [Photo: Sara Hertwig]

Board of Trustees Announces New President
By Celeste Zubia

DENVER, Auraria Campus- MSU Denver Board Chairman Michelle Lucero, announced Feb. 14, that Janine Davidson Ph.D. would be the new president of Metropolitan State University of Denver.

A student forum was held for students to listen and ask questions for Davidson who take Stephen Jordan’s, Ph.D., position in the summer of 2017. There was an executive session and a public meeting that followed. Students were able to attend and also ask questions.

In the midst of all the political action that has been happening here in the United States, it has had a lot of effect on students here at Metro and one student asked what Davidson would do to protect undocumented students. She stated that it is an internal and external factor, in terms of internal being what the students should do to be aware of what is going on around their community and external, what the university can do to protect them.

Lots of questions that were asked for the upcoming president, was what her plans were and/or, how she could possibly change a few things. Most of her responses sounded similar to simply saying that she is not walking into anything to change, just to continue the work of Jordan. She did however state this, “my top three priorities as a president are the following; students, students and students.”

Davidson comes into this job with 30 years of experience in the military, academic research and also national security policy. She served as the undersecretary for the Navy, she will start as the new president of MSU Denver July of this year.

Dr. Janine Davidson_1244_170214

Dr. Janine Davidson plans to make MSU Denver as affordable and diverse as possible . [Photo: Sara Hertwig]

MSU Denver Holds Press Conference for Incoming President
By John Marinelli

DENVER, Auraria — Metropolitan State University held a press conference on Feb. 14, for incoming President Dr. Janine Davidson. Davidson will be taking over for Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D., who started in 2005. Since Dr. Jordan began in 2005, the school has grown from a local college to a full-fledged university.

Davidson’s background includes a master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of South Carolina in addition to a bachelor’s from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also has taught at Davidson College, Georgetown University, and George Mason University in the subjects of political science and national security policy.

During the press conference, Davidson voiced her support for how the university was run and shed light on her vision for it into the future. She said, “What I love about MSU Denver is the focus on the students.” She added, “One of my goals is to make this place as affordable as possible and also as diverse as possible.”

Dr. Janine Davidson_8199_170214

Dr. Janine Davidson poses for photos after MSU Denver trustees announce her appointment. [Photo: Sara Hertwig]

MSU Denver President-Elect Janine Davidson Excited to Head University
By Zachary Peele

DENVER, Auraria Campus – President-Elect Janine Davidson, Ph.D, spoke about her experiences and the transition to her new role as university president during a press conference on Feb. 14, 2017.

The new president fielded a series of questions today alongside outgoing President Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D, as she smiled brightly for the crowd. Davidson expressed her enthusiasm about her new role.

“What I love about MSU Denver is the focus on the students. My goal is to make this place as affordable as possible, and as diverse as possible,” Davidson said. As one of the most diverse university campuses in Colorado, MSU Denver values diversity as it is one of its five core values.

Davidson won’t be coming aboard for a few months still, with Dr. Jordan officially stepping down on June, 30. “The success of the university is dependent on this transition,” said Davidson. Dr. Davidson boasts an impressive resume. She has nearly 30 years of experience in military operations and national security.

Most recently, Davidson served as the 32nd undersecretary of the United States Navy. Dr. Davidson was also the first woman to fly the Air Force’s tactical C-130 during her time in the U.S. Air Force.

When asked by a member of the crowd on how she planned on utilizing her military experience as university president, Davidson said, “I’m going to make everyone wear uniforms; no, I’m only kidding! I believe I learned how to be a better leader during my time in the military.” Davidson then went on praising Dr. Jordan, saying, “You guys already know how blessed you are to have Dr. Jordan as a president.”

Davidson detailed how she would like to expand upon Dr. Jordan’s efforts by keeping tuition costs as affordable as possible, bolstering MSU Denver’s reputation, and keeping MSU Denver a safe and diverse campus.
Dr. Davidson will replace Dr. Jordan as acting president in July, 2017.

Dr. Janie Davidson told trustees, students and faculty that students will be a priority during her tenure. [Photo: Sara Hartwig]

Dr. Janie Davidson told trustees, students and faculty that students will be a priority during her tenure. [Photo: Sara Hartwig]

Dr. Davidson Introduced as New President at Open Forum
By Ilianna Lopez

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Dr. Janine Davidson was officially voted in as the new President of Metropolitan State University by the Board of Trustees on Feb. 14, 2017. She will be the successor to President Stephen Jordan this summer.

After being appointed as the new president at Metro, students got a chance to meet and speak to Dr. Davidson at an open forum held on Tuesday. She made certain that the students will be a priority during her time at the university

“My mission is to listen in depth,” Davidson said. “She also mentioned some of the goals that are going to be on her list such as, funding, student retention, student success, and continuing to fight to hold onto the university’s low tuition rate.

Davidson also discussed many other topics that concern students. When asked how she will plan on protecting undocumented student immigrants that fear getting deported if they come to school, she said, “Everybody at the institution should take it as a responsibility to make sure they’re sensing, listening, and taking note of what is happening with students.”

She also believes that internally and externally the university must protect students every single day and think about how they can get the issue of immigration to a better place nationally.

President Jordan praised students for taking initiative of bringing in outside immigration attorneys to meet with students. He said, “That’s stuff we can’t do, but you can. We’re going to keep pushing and representing student views both at state level and national level.”

The process of finding the right candidate for President took place over the course of four years. President Jordan and the board took their time to select the best candidate and ensure they provided them the opportunity to learn what was going on at the university. Although Dr. Davidson said that she did not learn more about the university before making concrete goals, she made a commitment to making herself accessible to students.

“My leadership approach is to be open, transparent, and available,” she said.

At the end of June Dr. Davidson will be working alongside President Jordan as she makes her transition into office in July. Her contract with the university will last till June 30, 2020 with a $300,000 annual salary.

Having a vast majority of experience in the military, she looks forward to working with veterans who attend MSU Denver.

Having a vast majority of experience in the military, Dr. Janine Davidson looks forward to working with veterans who attend MSU Denver. [Photo: Javis Arellano]

New President Appointed at MSU Denver
By Javis Arellano

DENVER, Auraria Campus — After a two-day visit on campus, Dr. Janine Davidson was announced as the next President of Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Compassionate, listening, empathic yet decision making leader. That is how Chair Woman Michelle Lucero describes Dr. Janine Davidson.

On Feb. 14, she held her last forum in the Student Success Building answering question to students and other media personnel. One of the topics she was asked about was on the changes she plans on doing once she takes over on July first.

“I think it’s a little premature for me to talk about as to what I’m going to fix here. This isn’t necessarily a turnaround job and there is a lot of things that are going right,” said Dr. Janine Davidson.

Having a vast majority of experience in the military, she looks forward to working with veterans who attend MSU Denver. Dr. Davidson said that veterans bring such a rich experience to the other students.

Another topic that was brought on by the students was the controversial topic of immigration and what the university will do to help with that. President Jordan, took the question by answering that student have done an amazing job, bringing in immigration attorneys that are helping the process.

Toward the end of the forum, she was asked on how she will contribute to the university. Dr. Davidson confidently answered, “I think some of the most valuable experiences that I’ll be bringing is my leadership and the ability to work with stakeholders.”

“My Mission is to listen, listen, listen in depth,” Davidson said. “This is a perfect place for me to be, it’s diverse, it’s job oriented.”

“This is a perfect place for me to be, it’s diverse, it’s job oriented.” — Dr. Janie Davidson [Photo: Leticia Anaya]

Elected MSU Denver President Talks to University’s Community
By Leticia Anaya

DENVER, Auraria Campus — After newly elected MSU Denver president, Janine Davidson, Ph.D. was on campus last week to answer students, staff and faculty’s questions, an open forum was set up on Feb. 14 at the Student Success Building, where current MSU President Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D., Board of Trustees Michelle Lucero and Davidson were presented.

Community’s main concerns were related to Davidson’s background, the transition between Jordan and Davidson, and the policy with undocumented students – who benefit from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA.

About the transition Davidson, Jordan and Lucero responded that during the next four months, Jordan and Davidson will work together to have a smooth transition.

Davidson will take over in July, after Jordan retires in June 30 from his 12 years of tenure. Davidson responded that her background on defense strategies, national security policy, military operations and civil-military relations, will help her to extrapolate her leadership skills to the university.

Davidson studied architectural engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. Her last job was as Under Secretary of the U.S. Navy.

When they were asked about diversity and undocumented students, both Jordan and Davidson agreed that MSU Denver will continue with its policy of diversity and their main focus will be on benefit students.

“My Mission is to listen, listen, listen in depth,” Davidson said. “This is a perfect place for me to be, it’s diverse, it’s job oriented.”

“We continue to be very active in Washington,” Jordan said. “We are going to keep pushing in, and representing student’s views in the state and national level. And our hope is that at some point we are going to get worthy.”

Dr. Janine Davidson_0847_170214

Dr. Janine Davidson addresses questions from students and press. [Photo: Sara Hertwig]

Welcoming Dr. Janine Davidson to MSU Denver
By Albert Underwood

DENVER, Auraria Campus – A mother, a Ph.D in International Studies, an author, 32nd undersecretary of the Navy, and soon-to-be president at Metropolitan State University of Denver, there is nothing Dr. Janine Davidson cannot do. Davidson resume is jammed packed and she will play a crucial part for the students of MSU Denver. Davidson will replace President Stephen M. Jordon, who has resided as the long acting MSU Denver president for the past 12 years.

Davidson slowly made her transition with a loving visit to the MSU Denver campus on Feb. 14, 2017. Davidson wanted to get an early chance to answer any questions that students and faculty might have. While some questions were premature, such as is there anything to be fixed on campus? Other questions were direct and answered without any hesitation.

One student asked about more programing for sexual assaults issues. Davidson said, “Nobody should be coming to campus and not feel safe.”

There will a vote to increase student fees to raise funding for a new sexual assault program. Jordon said, “Students are encouraged to vote on the matter.”

Another student asked about the increase for veteran students on campus. Davidson said, “MSU will be a fantastic place for veterans.” Davidson’s husband is a retired Australian vet.

Metropolitan State University of Denver Announces Janine Davidson as New President
By Carly Cormier

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Dr. Janine Davidson, 50, was named the new president of MSU Denver in a press conference Feb. 14. After an extensive search, the university trustees chose Davidson, who has a background in the United States Navy. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Master’s and Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of South Carolina.

Joined by current President Stephen Jordan and Board Chair Michelle Lucero, Davidson answered questions from students and talked about what she plans to bring to the university. She touched on topics like undocumented students, sexual assault on campuses and schooling for veterans.

“I think it’s a little premature to talk about what I’m gonna fix. My mission is to listen and then answer that question again in a couple months. But of course funding is always going to be one, student retention and student success,” Davidson said.

Janine Davidson will replace Stephen Jordan after June 20, 2017

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