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Posted Thu, Jun 21, 2018

DENVER – Comic fans crossing Welton and 14th Streets on their way to beat the morning entrance lines on the first day DCC, 2018. June 15, 2018 (Photo/Dayna L. Himot)

DENVER – As thousands of Stormtroopers, Avengers, Trekkie, Wizards and Animers assembled outside the Colorado Convention Center to celebrate the fifth largest Comic Convention on opening day Friday.

From artist showcasing their art, cosplayers flexing their costumes, super fans nerdgasming, and guest celebrities sharing moments with their fans. This year’s Comic Con was far from boring. It’s an establishment for nerds and geeks to share happiness and awesome moments with each other.

Artist John Giang, has perhaps the coolest job ever. John’s job title is concept artist, which means he draws creatures, spaceships and robots all day long. John currently draws for some of the juggernaut companies in the nerd game like Disney, Marvel, Lucas Arts, and as of Friday he announced that he will start working with Hasbro. Hint hint, pretty sure he going to work on the new Transformer movies.

If you stopped by John’s booth on Friday, you probably saw some of his famous concept arts used in recent movies. One being the famous Hulk Buster suit from the “Avengers age of Ultron” or the famous Scarif Stormtrooper from “Rouge One a Star Wars Story.” Or maybe you saw some of his DCC exclusive art which was only sold at DCC, which included a drawing of an old torn up hooded Luke Skywalker holding a red lightsaber with his meatal hand, all inspired from the movie “Star Wars the Last Jedi.”

DENVER – The Joker and Wonder Woman Cosplayers en route to Denver Cominc Con. June 15, 2018 (Photo/Dayna L. Himot)

Another opening day artist was Jerry Pesce, an artist that is unique in how he does his art, colorful and paperless. Pesce uses metal to portray his art, and only uses bright neon colors to paint his pictures onto the metal sheets. Making Jerry the only artist to use metal to portray his art at DCC this year. Jerry’s range of art work is massive, from Batman to Pokémon characters, and if he doesn’t have then he’ll make sure he has it for you.

This year, Denver delivered on opening day with getting some of coolest celebrities to come and greet their fans in Denver. With stars such as John Barrowman, otherwise known as Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer who plays the antagonist to superhero Green Arrow on the hit show “Arrow.” Then there’s Joonas Suotamo, who towers over everyone with his 6-foot 10-inches stature, which has given the ability to take over the role of Hans Solo’s trusty side kick, Chewbacca. Somehow DCC even got Tombstone actor Val Kilmer, who took over Batman for a minute, and who also acted along side with Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.”

One very lucky Metropolitan State University of Denver student Chris Sampson shares his experience he had with special DCC guest Christopher Sabat. Christopher is a well-known voice actor that has been doing the voices for characters in shows like “Dragon Ball” and “My Hero Academia.”

MSU Denver student Chris Sampson holding signed POP Funko figure. [Photo: David Guarded]

Sampson says, that his emotions where jumping all over the place his heart wanted to run out of his chest, until it came his turn to meet his all-time hero Christopher. Sampson handed Christopher his Funko Pop figure for him to sign when Christopher said to Sampson, “what do you do for fun?” Sampson without thinking said, ” I don’t know I go to school, I’m a communications major at MSU Denver.” Christopher said, “No way that really cool,” and without hesitation Christopher quickly went for a pen and a piece of paper and said, “Well here, I’m give you my Email if you ever need a voice actor.”

In the sea of Stormtroopers, Avengers, Trekkie, Wizards and Animers it can be difficult to tell peoples personal satisfaction that their getting from the convention. But, like fellow hall Captain at DCC Jahalia Coleman says, “It’s my wish for people at the convention to leave with an even bigger smile than the one that they first came in with.”

Smiles thanks to artist that shared their visions with the fans, the celebrities that made unique connections with super fans, and the fans that made DCC their own. Which in return created opening day Friday the happiest place to be in Denver.


Colorado Springs Comic Con

If You Go:

Where: Chapel Hills Mall Event Center1710 Briar gate Blvd Colorado Springs, CO80920

When: August, Friday the 24, Saturday the 25, and Sunday the 26

What time: Friday …………… 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday………….. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and

Sunday………………10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How much: Friday…………………. $25.00

Saturday……………… $35.00

Sunday………………… $30.00

Their website: http://www.cscomiccon.com/tickets


To Check out any of John Giang concept art visit his website.


To check out any of Jerry Pesce art go visit his website.


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  1. Kyle Ziegler Says:

    Awesome job providing insight and examples on certain artists who were on sight at comic con and explaining what they do. Helps create an idea for those who may not know much about the event like myself.


  2. Lisa McIntyre Says:

    Nice article, David. I enjoyed reading about the MSU student, Chris Sampson, and his connection to Comic Con. Very relevant to us here at MSU Denver. You really captured the event itself and how it would feel to attend.


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