City Council addresses public concerns on projects


Posted Wed, Oct 22, 2014

Mayor Bob Murphy and Council members getting together. [Photo by David Tan]

Mayor Bob Murphy and Council members getting together. [Photo by David Tan]

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Mayor Bob Murphy and council members voted on two ordinances on Sept. 22, 2014 that appointed people to positions in the Lakewood Victim Assistance Compensation Board and Advisory Commissions. Both ordinances passed unanimously and the floor was open to public comments on non-agenda items.

Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy [Photo City of Lakewood]

Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy and the City Council tabled ordinances including maintenance along the W light rail.[Photo City of Lakewood]

Kathy Kettner, addressed the Mayor and the council on the improvements of Lakewood Park. Kettner was displeased that her family and surrounding neighbors was not informed sooner when work on the park was happening. These improvements included a tennis center and playground for children, but these improvements failed to involve the community and their input on the matter.

“I can assure you that affected community members have not been involved in planning of such a venture and therefore you are not promoting an inclusive environment,” Kettner told council members. “What I am asking you is to live up to your commitment as councilors … the ball is in your court.”

After public comments concluded, the Mayor moved to do the first reading of the consent ordinances. These items are scheduled for public hearing in the near future and were not being voted on. These ordinances includes maintenance along the W light rail line and construction defects.

Lakewood City Councilman David Wiechman is keen on ballot issue 2A. [Photo by City of Lakewood]

Lakewood City Councilman David Wiechman is keen on ballot issue 2A. [Photo by City of Lakewood]

Councilman David Wiechman purposed a resolution to discuss ballot issue 2A. Mayor Murphy declined the request because it was a ballot issue. Tim Cox, Lakewood city attorney stated that councilman Wiechman technically could ask without making a resolution. However, a few council members did not feel comfortable about discussing the issue as it wasn’t brought up appropriately.

During the meeting, the Mayor also addressed the Colfax Marathon Government Cup, a charity event where runners can win money for their charity, on how important it was for the city of Lakewood and how successful it was. Mayor Murphy was given a framed photo of the event by Andrea Dowdy, CEO of the Colfax Marathon. Dowdy also presented rewards to the winning team, the West Metro Firefighters.

“This was a collaboration of so many business entities, the cities of Denver, Lakewood and Aurora, the non-profit sector and so many volunteers,” Murphy said.

The City Council meeting ended at 8:11 p.m.




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