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Posted Sat, Apr 11, 2015

More than 104 million commuters boarded RTD in 2014. [Photo: RTD]

More than 104 million commuters road RTD in 2014. [Photo Courtesy of RTD]

DENVER — A greater sense of hearing and sight can make your next RTD experience a pleasant and safer one for all.

The RTD (Regional Transportation District) is the state’s massive transportation system serving the Denver metro area. Last year, there were a total of 104.9 million boarding passengers on its almost 1,200 bus and light rail fleet.

Compared to previous years, this is the largest amount of riders RTD has experience, which is equivalent to one third of the 2014 U.S. population.

With that many people, one may be skeptical from taking the bus or light rail. Like other forms of transportation, RTD does a fantastic job by keeping a neutral environment for all travelers. With various audio and visual forms of communication, following the “rules of the road” can create ease to even the most nervous passenger.

[Photo by Tia Terlaje]

RTD “Rules of the Road” create ease for nervous passengers. [Photo by Tia Terlaje]


  • Remove headphones when near a cross walk or light rail track. For your safety, you want to be able to hear the warning bells and other traffic noises.
  • Automated announcements help passengers get to their final destination. Routes vary from time and day, so don’t miss your stop!
  • In an emergency, instructions from the driver or conductor can be helpful in an unplanned event.


  • All passengers can benefit from the multiple signs regarding safety, etiquette, and “how to ride.”
  • Postings are available in English and Spanish.
  • Various pamphlets are located on the bus regarding routes, schedules, RTD events and related transportation topics.


  • Each bus or light rail train has priority areas for customers with disabilities and the elderly. Please keep this area clear for these individuals. If you see someone struggling, offer your assistance.
  • Use your manners: ‘Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me’ are still widely accepted.

The next time you board a bus or light rail, enjoy a different ride by being more aware of your surroundings. And yes, it’s okay to greet your driver and smile at your fellow passengers. Put the book down, free your ears and observe.

There’s a surprise in every journey. You just have to find it.

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