Metro donation drive brings in supplies


Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2011

Food Drive: MSCD Senior, Senaye Gebré Michael in the Center for Urban Connections

-As Thanksgiving draws near, the number of donations rises higher

DENVER — MSCD began hosting their annual Food & Clothing Drive on Nov. 7, and will be running up until the 19th.  They are collecting non-perishable foods and clothing items such as jackets to donate to the Food Bank of the Rockies in Denver.

Students from the Center for Urban Connections (CUC), Urban Leadership Program (ULP), and Campus Recreation at Auraria (CRA) teamed up to make this donation drive happen.  The drive hopes to obtain around 40,000 donations.

Items such as non-perishable foods, and winter clothes such as jackets are being accepted in the drive.

“The drive has stepped up within the past couple of days,” said MSCD Senior Senaye Gebré Michael.  “We went out the email on Nov. 7, and we were off to a slow start, but things have started to pick up the past few days.”

With the drive running annually, the Center for Urban Connections in Tivoli 243 has been the home base of operations.

“Our mission is to connect with people beyond the borders of campus,” said Michael. “I think Thanksgiving Break has had some affect on the donations.  People want to give back at this time of year.”

“There are so many opportunities, short term internships and volunteer opportunities availiable in the Center for Urban Connections,” Michael said.

Donations are being accepted in the CUC office in Tivoli 243, and PE Building Room 110.  People who donate are also eligible to win in a drawing for prizes such as Comedy Works Tickets, Outdoor Adventure Vouchers and so on.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities in the CUC office, and check in the office for upcoming events and donation drives.

“Our office is on facebook as well as twitter, so feel free to follow us,” Michael said. “We also have a volunteer board in the office, so check in for upcoming events.”

*According to

  • 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger
  • Food insecurity exists in 17.2 million households in America, 3.9 million of them with children
  • 39% said they must choose between paying for a meal or paying rent

*Information taken from Center for Urban Connections Email

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  1. kmd Says:

    Good stuff. Could’ve benefited from an interview with someone who actually donates, tho – their mentality, their drive, their background.


  2. Caitlin Sievers Says:

    Helpful and good to know about. Agreed that it could benefit from an interview with someone donating or someone who recieved donations.


  3. Alex Baskett Says:

    Nice job finding a unique story on campus. It is a really well lit, clean picture. Maybe add some more context into the photo? Some can goods, or a person in the act of donation?


  4. Kevin R. Says:

    This was a good story on a good topic. It is important to help one another as there are so many less forunate people out there.


  5. Cherise Scrivner Says:

    Your coverage of the donation drive was good work. A sturdy topic to cover, always interesting and catching to the eye. The way you laided it out was great, and perfect for a newsaper.


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