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Posted Tue, Mar 14, 2017

ONLINE: Ride share customers can log on the hovit website and request specific drivers and negotiate fares.

Hovit Advertising Free Rides on Campus
By Zach Peele

DENVER, AURARIA-Employees from the Denver-based ride-sharing startup, hovit, were on campus March 9, advertising the new company and offering free rides.

The employees were handing out cards that offer takers a free ride (up to $15). “You can save your favorite driver. We’re much more user friendly than Uber or Lyft,” said John Baumgardner, co-founder of hovit.

Hovit was designed to provide more price transparency, flexibility and convenience for users. Uber, a similar company that allows people to download an app and hail a private driver, has been in the limelight recently.

The $70 billion firm is in hot water due to a tool its drivers utilize, known as “Greyball,” that allows them to evade regulators and law enforcement officials. Lyft, Uber’s largest competitor, is seeking to capitalize on the current scandal Uber is embroiled in.

In an interview with 5280 Magazine, Lam Vo, one of hovit’s four founders, whose cousin was assaulted by a rideshare driver, wanted to find a safer alternative for transportation. Vo discovered that others shared the same desire, and along with fellow Regis University Alumnus Hector Kambow and friends Buruk Kidane and John Baumgardner, they launched the app last December. Unlike Uber and Lyft, Hovit gives users the unique opportunity to choose their own drivers.

Riders across Colorado can search for and request specific drivers, schedule rides in advance, and compare and negotiate prices between various drivers. The company hopes to expand to other cities outside of Colorado someday as well.

The app is available to users with Apple and Android devices.

New Ride Sharing App Brings More Competition to Denver
By Ilianna Lopez

DENVER, Auraria Campus – A brand new Denver-based transportation platform is bringing more competition to other ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, that empowers drivers to grow their business.
Hovit brings more comfort to Denver riders by allowing them to make an offer to a driver to get a ride. A hovit spokesperson on the Auraria Campus said, “It’s like ebay, you can make an offer to a driver and they can decide to accept it or not.”

GAME CHANGER: The hovit app is changing the mile-high ride sharing game.

This new transportation app is changing the game for ride-sharing marketplace. The company’s mission says is to build relationships between riders and drivers. They also focus on helping drivers sustain and grow their business. If a rider finds a driver they like, they have the option to keep riding with that particular driver.

In the wake of Uber scandals, hovit is taking advantage of riders and drivers that are looking for something different. The option that riders have to pick which driver they want; this makes riding safer for women compared to other ride sharing companies. Women have the choice to ride with other women drivers, something that Uber and Lyft don’t offer.

Hovit’s founding members have lived in Colorado most their lives and share a love for the state. They say this is why they wanted to launch this new app in Colorado first. They wanted to bring more price transparency, flexibility and convenience to both riders and drivers.

The app officially launched in December 2016 and is still working to pick up momentum in the city. The hovit spokesperson said there’d not exactly a radius limit, “it depends on the rider, but you can definitely get a ride to the airport.”

New Ridesharing App in Denver Favorable for Riders
By Carly Cormier

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Denver has a new ridesharing app in town. Hovit is a Denver-based transportation platform. The app gives drivers an opportunity to retain and grow their own business.

With Hovit, riders can set their own prices and compare prices with other drivers before they request a ride, no surge pricing. This sets them apart from competitors like Uber and Lyft, who are known for increasing ride prices during highly populated events.

“You can always make an offer to a driver and see if they’ll accept it or not,” said a hovit spokesperson when asked about how far outside of Denver the ridesharing app goes.

Riders can also save drivers in the app, so when they get a driver they like, they can request rides with them in the future. You can also reserve rides in advance, another feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

The founding members are from Colorado and saw an opportunity to launch an app that would satisfy needs that Uber and Lyft don’t. Currently, the app only operates in Denver and San Diego.

The ebay of Ride Sharing
By Celeste Zubia

DENVER, Auraria Campus – Say goodbye to Lyft and Uber, there is now a new ride sharing industry here in Denver, hovit. Hovit can be seen as the ebay of ride-sharing.

When you ride with hovit, rather than getting a set price like you would for Uber and Lyft, you can make an offer.” Spokesperson for the company said, “You can always make an offer to your driver to see if they will accept it or not.”

Hovit also states that it is safer for women. The founder for hovit, had a cousin that was assaulted by a rideshare driver. He wanted to create something that was safe for women and with that, hovit implemented a way where you can request specific drivers, compare prices in the area, communicate with drivers and even schedule rides in advance.

This can all be done through their app that is offered for Apple and Android. It is made to make drivers and users feel safer, especially women. To give it more of a customer friendly based company.

There is also a benefit for drivers, they will be able to keep 90 percent of the profit compared to 75 percent for Uber and Lyft drivers.

For more information on this new ride sharing company visit: https://www.hovit.com

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