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Posted Thu, Nov 11, 2010

Denver– The success for business owners has been on a downward slope since the recession hit. Some businesses, however, have been thriving due to demand. Hair salons are among these. People will always need to get a basic hair trim. With the economy making a positive turn, business for hair salons have started to increase as well.

            With the slight upward turn in the economy people are starting to splurge more on the pricier salon services such as hair coloring, styling, adding extensions, etc. These services are for luxury, vanity purposes rather than necessity according to local owner and master stylist of Buhok Salon,  Virt Marcelo.

            “ Providing these services is really where I produce a lucrative income,” Marcelo says.

            Buhok Salon is an upscale salon just minutes from the LODO area; located on 32nd and Blake. Buhok is a full service salon offering amazing cuts for men, women and children; hair coloring, highlighting and more. Marcelo loves his career and one can really see his passion when he starts his work.

          “Hair is my passion, it is my art. I love to make people happy. When I see a smile on someone‘s face after I finish their hair because they like the outcome is what fuels my desire to keep doing what I love,” Marcelo says. 

            Owner of Namaste Salon, an Aveda salon on 2nd and Broadway says business has been great and he loves the field.

 “We are lucky, we have many regular clients that come to us frequently,” Tom Pernell says.

            Hair salons not only thrive here in Denver but in other states as well. A recent interview with master barber Andre Sandoval, owner of Dre’s Barber Shop in Albuquerque, N. M. told us that business in their market is doing fantastic as well.

             “There is no free time in my business, Sandoval says. “I  am open from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m., six days a week. I am booked and non-stop all day long. Often I give up a lunch break to squeeze another client in.”

           Not all barbershops are busy like this but most stay fairly busy as well, he added. Sandoval is a very talented barber and has been cutting hair for eight years. The difference between a barbershop and a hair salon is that barbers, for the most part, cater to men and specialize in men’s cuts.

          Barbers are also certified to use a straight razor, whereas hairstylists are not. Sandoval will cut about 30 men’s hair a day for $12-$20 each. A successful hairstylist will have about 3-6 clients a day, but with $50-$200 or more in services for each.

            There are many businesses out there that can make a stable, lucrative income. Finding one that you love to do and waking up every morning excited to go to work is another.

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