Brittany Guzman Taylor’s fresh approach to makeup and skincare


Posted Tue, Mar 7, 2017

Taylor demonstrates her application of makeup on model, Jenna Taasevigen on Feb. 26. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

Limm Skincare owner Brittany Guzman Taylor demonstrates her application of makeup on model Jenna Taasevigen. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

DENVER — Makeup has historically been used in almost every culture since its humble beginnings in Egypt, dating back to 4000 B.C. People from all cultures have worn it in every manner imaginable, from masculine war paint to feminine glamour.

At Limn Skincare, 84 Pennsylvania St., makeup is not only an asset–it’s a form of art. One’s face can be used as a canvas, refined in ways that brings out their fullest potential. Looking good can create confidence, which can lead to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

For Brittany Guzman Taylor, 33, owner of Limn Skincare, makeup has been in her blood since an early age where she experimented with bold expressions and body-paint. With a background in Theatre Design from the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Taylor became exposed to different methods of makeup that brought her to where she is today–a business owner with an emphasis on clean, safe makeup.

The Divine Beginnings

The requirements for makeup artists in Colorado changed around 2010, according to Taylor. That meant people going into makeup artistry must be estheticians as well. Estheticians are professionals specializing in skincare, nurturing and beautifying people’s skin.

"What happens is someone will try to cover something up with makeup rather than work through their skin to get the texture to go away. That's why I'm trying to make this bridge here so that people know how to work all their skincare concerns through their skincare line, and then just have a makeup line that basically doesn't interfere with their skincare," explains Taylor on Feb. 26. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

“What happens is someone will try to cover something up with makeup rather than work through their skin to get the texture to go away. That’s why I’m trying to make this bridge here so that people know how to work all their skincare concerns through their skincare line, and then just have a makeup line that basically doesn’t interfere with their skincare.” — Brittany Guzman Taylor [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

That change worked out perfectly for Taylor, who wanted to implement clean, natural beauty products into her artistry. She has been an esthetician for four years while working in the beauty industry for 12 years.

“I studied both makeup design and lighting design,” Taylor explains.  “Having learned lighting definitely helps me as a makeup artist. It helps me to understand the planes of the face, as well as how it will photograph. It’s all very interconnected.”

Organic, Clean Products

Taylor specializes in all-natural clean and organic products. This means there are no synthetic fragrances or toxins. The two major lines carried in her shop are Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and Jane Iredale cosmetics.

“Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is a very clean line out of Germany that I absolutely love,” Taylor says. “It respects your skin as an organ and assesses what your skin needs based on your individual lifestyle and moisture content that you have. It’s been around since 1965, and very few of the formulations have changed since then because it’s been so pure all along. The other major line we carry is Jane Iredale cosmetics. It’s from the US, from Massachusetts. It’s a really clean line again. They are pretty much formulated for the most delicate and compromised of skin so you can use it post-procedure. It was formulated to be used immediately after a chemical peel or a microdermabrasion in a dermatologist office.”

“We’ve been here for about four months. This is definitely my baby. I’m loving it. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve probably ever done.” — Brittany Guzman Taylor [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

Jane Iredale cosmetics has no fillers, binders or waxes. Taylor uses them on brides who particularly want natural makeup that photograph well. Other products that “Limn Skincare” carries are natural soaps and hand creams produced by “Formulary 55,” which are made locally from Pueblo, Colorado.

Encouragement & Influences

Taylor’s mentor, Susan Florence, ran her own business after creating a new baby product. In fact, Florence’s artwork hangs on the very walls of “Limn Skincare,” which is Taylor’s way of expressing her appreciation. Florence has given Taylor useful advice on starting up a business, and for that, she’s grateful.

“My mother is my primary inspiration. She is a powerhouse who fought against so many things, to ensure that everything was available for me. Most importantly, she raised me to believe that no goals were beyond my reach.” Taylor recalls. “I was allowed to express myself through bright purple neon eyelashes that I’d wear to school and tons of glitter. She was onboard for that. She was definitely a major influence for me in achieving my goals and doing them my way.”

Future of Limn Skincare

The treatment room where services happen such as exfoliations, facials, waxing and much more. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

Taylor expressed interest in expanding her shop to a larger space with two treatment rooms. On the top floor, she would like to have a studio focusing on photography and makeup. Prior to opening her shop, she was traveling on-location with her other business “Guzman Taylor makeup,” which is primarily bridal and commercial.

“I primarily do makeup for Bridal and still-photography.  However, I did work an agency project, assisting the key artist for a Mercedes Benz Commercial. I’m trying to focus more on bridal, editorial, and commercial work.  But it definitely stretches the full spectrum. I have done a lot of airbrush work for large groups, like dance troupes where they need body paint. That’s the more artistic end of my makeup spectrum. This side here at Limn Skincare is very clean and natural. We do skincare, makeup, and waxing and I’d say, so far, a pretty typical day has involved probably one of each service. It’s been pretty balanced, I’d say.”

Trending in Makeup

Taylor believes we’re living in a unique time right now in terms of makeup. Before the advancement of technology, almost all makeup was something that was taught and handed down from woman-to-woman, such as from mother to daughter or from sister to sister. Now, people are venturing to Youtube for makeup advice. On top of that, the availability for professional techniques and products have changed the entire landscape.

Limn Skincare owner, Brittany Guzman Taylor and model Jenna Taasevigen share a moment after the work is finished. [Photo: Duane Hirschfeld]

“There are the people who want to know how to do it in a way they can apply to themselves everyday,” Taylor adds, “which is much more of that traditional woman-teaching-woman makeup. We also have people who want to do that with a specific technique. Contouring is all the rage now. I meet a lot of people that are a little confused on that. Outside of a professional setting, contouring can be a little hazardous, if not done properly. Brows that are full and defined are really in right now. Lashes, of course, are seeing a rise in extensions and strips. What I like most [about the industry] is the creativity and collaborative side.”

Taylor finds it rewarding to find out what people want and help them to achieve it. After all, texturing and coloring someone’s face requires an artist’s touch.

“Whether it’s a photographer who wants me to execute a design, or if it’s a bride who wants me to help her look radiant on her wedding day. Either way, it allows me the opportunity to help create something with someone else.”

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