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Posted Tue, Sep 11, 2012

ARC STORES: Donations are a huge part of the success of the Arc Company.

DENVER — With a recession in our midst, we are finding any way to get the most bang for our buck. How do we do that though? Well of course we shop at thrift stores, Arc Thrift Stores to be specific.

Arc Thrift Stores are a non- profit organization based in Colorado.
Why not shop at the more popular Goodwill or even Savers?

With the money Arc receives from customer purchases, they are able to help benefit those with mental disabilities.

Arc helps these people by providing them with jobs, and supporting them with funding and creating a community on which they can rely on. If these people did not have the support they have, they would not be as far in the world as they are today.

The people they help are called Arc Ambassadors. The jobs provided for these ambassadors are around the store usually helping put donations out on the floor.

A PENNY SAVED: Money wise shoppers discover bargains at Arc. (Photo by Ashley King)

Donations are a huge part of the success of the Arc Company. If Arc didn’t have donations they couldn’t exist anymore. They are always looking to keep their donations constantly flowing; they have actually seen an increase in donations. Bruce Stahlman, the CFO of Arc said, “we have seen donations increase 6-8 percent in the last year.”

While donations are big part of their success, the other big part of their success is of course their customers, and sales.

While many people have not set foot in an Arc Thrift Store, either because they don’t like thrift stores, or have had bad experiences with others, many have been to arc and have wonderful experiences.

“It’s cleaner, more, organized, and the people are friendlier,” said Mary Benmellah, an Arc shopper.

The Arc shopping atmosphere is different than most thrift stores. It doesn’t look junky with dirty items cluttered everywhere, and it doesn’t have that used items smell, quite commonly found in thrift stores.

PLAYER PIANO: Whether it’s clothes, home goods, antiques or a used piano, Arc has something for everyone. (Photo by Ashley King)

Some people won’t shop in a thrift store because they don’t like the idea of buying used items. The great thing is there are brand new items, which were never used that are sold at Arc, because, some people will donate things they never used.

The great thing about Arc is there is something for everyone whether it is clothes, home goods, antiques, electronics, or toys. Lloyd Lewis, the CEO of Arc, said on the Arc website, “When you shop Arc Thrift, our goal is for you to save money and enjoy your experience. Our team takes pride in providing meticulously chosen, quality selections, priced at the best value. Our stores are bright, clean and attractive and with exciting sales each and every month. You will have fun too!”

Arc is a great company and saves the day for everyone.

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