RTD’s Big Move of Pain or Happiness


Posted Thu, Apr 24, 2014

TICKET TO RIDE: Bus Passengers riding a RTD bus will soon be enjoying the amenities of the renovated Union Station. (Photo provided by RTD)

TICKET TO RIDE: RTD bus passengers will soon be enjoying the amenities of the renovated Union Station. (Photo provided by RTD)

Denver– On May 11th, the long time transit service RTD is getting a makeover. The service will shut down their famous Market Street Station and move to the 74,000 square foot Union Station in LoDo.

Union Station, which first opened on June 1, 1881, will offer bus and light rail service, Free Mall Ride, the new Free Metro Ride, Amtrak, B-cycle and future commuter rail.

The ridership is just one of the main things that RTD wants to focus on with move.  “In the year of 2030, RTD is projecting that Union Station will serve 100,000 people,” said RTD spokeswomen Tara Miller.

RTD officials project a big jump from Market Street Station that averages about 11,000 people accessing it per day. Those riders are what makes RTD an established Colorado transportation business.

So how do the riders feel about this move?

HOME IMPROVEMENT: RTD is projecting that Union Station will serve 100,000 people. (Photo by RTD)

HOME IMPROVEMENT: After the makeover, RTD is projecting that Union Station will serve up to 100,000 people by the year 2030. (Photo by RTD)

“This move is stupid,” says MSU Denver student Mathew McKenzie. “This is more of a hassle for me, because I take the bus at specific time, and now I have to learn a new schedule for the Mall Ride, Metro Ride and the light rail. I just wish it was next semester.”

In response, Miller explains, “College students who currently take the bus to Market Street Station will soon be able to connect to the light rail from Union Station to get to campus in a much easier fashion.” She added they also can take the mall ride to Larimer Square and walk to campus still

Fellow scholar Al Guerrero sees it RTD’s way. “Awesome!” Guerrero says. “I am excited to be part of history of a new clean place. I don’t mind the walk or learning a new schedule.”

RTD hopes everyone will see it just like Guerrero. Miller adds, “Our expectations are high and we know our passengers will see the great benefit in transit connections at Union Station.”

Big Open House

What: RTD bus concourse public grand opening

When: Friday May 9, 2014 at noon

Where: Denver’s Union Station

Why: Tour the new building before they open it fully May 11th

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