A Cup of Joe and a “Study Sesh”


Posted Sat, Mar 17, 2018

BOTTOMS UP: Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino, is just one of Starbucks signature drinks designed to get a student’s engine running in the morning. [Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks]

DENVER, Auraria Campus — It’s no secret that college students on the Auraria campus need coffee to fill their soul and keep their hearts pumping. Any student knows that it doesn’t matter where you are – you just need your cup of joe.

Whether you stayed up all night working on a paper that you had two weeks to do, or you have an 8 a.m. class, there is no functioning, no energy, no motivation and a lot of grumpy, zombie looking students walking around campus.
Students and coffee go together like macaroni and cheese. When you separate them, they’re plain boring ingredients that are lost without the other. There is no such thing as living a coffee-free life.

Auraria campus has a host of many coffee shops that are in walking distance of each building on campus. Each place has its own vibe and atmosphere that can accommodate any student looking for a cup of coffee and a study spot.

BOLSHEVIK BUZZ: Dazbog coffee is located on near the Student Success Building on Auraria Parkway. They offer a variety of different coffee selections and have many tables to sit inside and outside. [Photo: Hannah Carnes]

Dazbog is located by the Student Success Building and in walking distance to the Tivoli. Dazbog has many different options for coffee ranging from the American favorites like a latte, vanilla latte, white chokolat™ mocha and cafe’ au lait. They also offer the European standards such as a cappuccino, americano and espresso. Not only do they offer a wide variety of American and European favorites, but they also offer blended drinks such as coffee chillers with a variety of flavors to choose from and for the non-coffee loving students, they offer drinks like tea and fruit smoothies.
Dazbog offers seating inside in a nice calm environment that is not too noisy and not too quiet. It’s the perfect environment for a quick study session and a nice spot to meet a friend to spend a little down time at. They also offer seating outside which is great for people watching and getting to get your tan on while studying and enjoying the caffeine rush through your veins. It’s really a win-win kind of coffee spot for every student, and the coffee gets one big thumbs up.

FOR COFFEE LOVERS ONLY: Starbucks is located in the Tivoli right across from the CU bookstore. Starbucks has many people coming in and out for the many varieties of coffee they offer. [Photo: Hannah Carnes]

We all know Starbucks. When we think of Starbucks we think of the green symbol on the cup and we think about the kind of drink we always get no matter how many other items might be on the menu. For every college student on campus, Starbucks seems to be the most popular place to get a nice cup of coffee. But, the Starbucks located near the Tivoli is not the best place to drink coffee and study when it comes down to it.

No matter the time of day whether it be in the morning or in the afternoon, Starbucks always seems to be packed with students lining up outside of the door and sitting in any place that is available. It’s so noisy that not even the barista can hear me loud enough to be able to take my order and get my name right. Starbucks is a hard place to be able to study at, but it’s a nice place to meet up with friends and have a nice cup of coffee to get you through the day.

THE BEAN SCENE: The Library Café is located on the first floor of the library. Zoe Demuth (left) and Boott Fritz (right), happily serve a customer. [Photo: Hannah Carnes]

The Library Café
The Library Café is the place to go when you need a pick me up and a nice place to study. Even though the lines can be a little long and the menu does not have a huge variety to choose from and they don’t offer the fancy Frappuccino’s, this place is great. They offer so much seating inside and out as well as being able to move upstairs to the quiet area of the library to really get some serious studying going on.

It’s a nice relaxing environment for students to hangout at and be able to have a decent cup of coffee that isn’t over the top expensive. They offer a little less variety of coffee’s, but they can still fulfill the need of any kind of caffeine fix you are looking for. The Library Café is the place to be for coffee and studying.

BARISTA: 5th Street Café is located in the Administration Building on the first floor. Asche Baldonado who works there waits to take a customer’s order. [Photo: Hannah Carnes]

5th Street Café
5th Street Café is in the administration building on the very first floor. This place is nice for a little grab ‘n go coffee on the fly. They serve Starbucks coffee, but their menu isn’t as big as a traditional Starbucks would have. What’s nice about this place is that if you bring in your own coffee cup, you only pay $1 for your cup. Now that’s every caffeine addicts dream.

This is not the most ideal place to be able to sit down and study because there is a limited amount of seating. Because of the limited amount of seating, I would say this is the best place to be able to get your coffee and go on the fly. There isn’t a long wait and the coffee selection is limited, but still just as good.

Skies the limit for these coffee shops, meeting every kind of need involving a coffee in the hand and a smile on the face is what keeps us college students up and moving. If you don’t already know, you will soon come to see that coffee is a necessity and the atmosphere is everything.


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