Students freeze to see President Obama


Posted Tue, Nov 15, 2011

Obama Line: Many students faced the freezing temperatures to get the chance to stand only 50 feet away from Obama while he spoke. Photo by Melodi Byerly

DENVER — Obama was scheduled to speak to students Wednesday morning on his new plan for the future; helping higher education students with their financial aid and to make it easier on them once they graduate. Students stood in line on an average of five hours between the two days and were ecstatic to hear him speak. Chris Byerly, a graduate student at UCD, said, “I can’t believe I am going to see him up close and personal.” Two thousand students stood in line previous day in the freezing cold on Tuesday Oct. 25, to receive their free ticket to see the President of the United States of America speak.

Many students faced the freezing temperatures to get the chance to stand only 50 feet away from Obama while he spoke. “The lady in front of me did not have a hat on and her hair was completely frozen because the snow falling down was so wet, said Kellie Faulken, a junior at Metro State. The blizzard conditions made it hard for everyone to be patient and stand in line for two hours that morning. “I gave up, the line was just too long and I was freezing to death,” she added.

Many students that had stood in line both days to get their chance at seeing Obama up close and personal were sadly mistaken when 10:15 a.m. came upon them and the doors closed. They handed out 4,600 tickets to students that stuck it out in line on Tuesday morning, but half of the students did not get in on Wednesday. The students were outraged.

“I stood in line for a total of almost four hours freezing, and I did not get in to see him speak. It is not fair and not very smart to upset so many students like this. Word travels fast around campus and Obama made a mistake by not booking a bigger venue, said Jonathan Lockwood, a Public Relations senior at Metro. Obama should have planned a little better, spoke at a bigger venue, handed out the correct amount of tickets, or let everyone in that had stood in line for hours in the freezing temperatures.”

Students affiliated with the Colligate Entrepreneurial Organization wanted to sell hot chocolate, coffee, hot tea and muffins to the students standing in line the day of the speech, but this was not allowed. In Obama’s speech he proceeds to promise to fight for the little people yet it was not allowed for any school organization to sell or promote their club anywhere on campus that day. Even the tables that you see all over campus were frozen that day –no rentals allowed.

“We could have made $1,000 that day and that would have supported us all year long,” a student said. “Obama doesn’t care about us… he left us standing in freezing and broke.”

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  1. LeAndra Says:

    Good story, i can’t believe the lines to see Obama.


  2. Caitlin Sievers Says:

    I like the quote at the end, students were outraged!


  3. wontawn Says:

    You have a great use of quotes in this story. I would just make sure that the first time you say the President’s name, you write out his whole name. Then you can say Obama for the rest of the story. Great picture!


  4. Kevin R. Says:

    Good story but these people are crazy. I know you want to see the president, but is it really worth all of this?


  5. Cherise Scrivner Says:

    I liked the other side of the story being shown…cant believe Obama would’nt support school clubs and organizations! Where is the love? Ridiculous!Good write up.


  6. Sachelle Says:

    I’m interested in the last quote used. Was it a student affiliated with the Entrepreneurial Organization? Or just another student? It’s a short and sweet article with a great lead in.


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