Recount Confirms Castle Rock’s Initial Open Carry Election


Posted Thu, Oct 9, 2014

Open carry is now legal in all Castle Rock public buildings and parks. [Photo by Emily Pennetti]

STRAPPED: Open carry is now legal in all Castle Rock public buildings and parks. [Photo by Emily Pennetti]

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – Castle Rock city officials conducted a recount of the votes from the Aug. 19 special election which confirmed the initial count. It is official, voters are allowed to open carry firearms in public buildings and parks.

A recount was issued due to discrepancies with the handling of ballots during the initial count.

Castle Rock failed to send secrecy sleeves to voters with their ballots. Instead the voters simply folded their ballots in the same way they received them. It is estimated that thousands of ballots were handled incorrectly before the town decided to provide sleeves for voters who had not yet been processed.

There were a series of complaints filed about how the ballots were handled.

“We have two requests for recount; one from a registered agent of an issued committee and one from a registered elector,” said town attorney, Bob Slentz. “We are, we staff, are taking the position that we should have an expedited recount, speedily getting us to the finality on the election.”

The issues of a recount were discussed at a town meeting on Sept. 2 where Dan Meurer spoke. Meurer, a Castle Rock citizen, was among those that filed suit against the town for the election process.

“Seems to me that there has been a lot of aggravation over the process of this election that didn’t need to be there,” said Meurer. “From not having secret ballots to verifying signatures – they changed the process when 1/3 of the vote has already been counted. Seems to me that it admits some kind of guilt there, that we weren’t doing it right.”

There were two divisions on the ballot. Referendum A asked whether the town manager should lose the ability to ban open carry of firearms in public buildings and parks. This was initially counted as 4,737 “Yes” votes and 4,586 “No” votes. The recount confirmed the passing of Referendum A but the numbers were slightly off. There were 4,749 “Yes” votes and 4,595 “No” votes.

Referendum B asked if future firearm restrictions should be decided by voters in Castle Rock. Originally there were 2, 679 voters that said “No” and 6,610 that said “Yes.” The recount affirmed the votes with 6,615 “Yes” votes and 2,683 “No” votes.

A municipal judge certified and finalized the recount on Sept. 18.

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    Well written, the quote that you got from Dan Meurer incorporated good into your story.


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    Very well written! And unbiased too. Pretty hard to do with this topic.


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    A good follow-up story to your first one. I like that you’re covering this beat, and doing so in an objective manner. Good job!


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    I really like the lead. It hooked me and made me want to read more. The quotes really made the article flow. I like how you also explained why there was a need for a recount.


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