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Posted Wed, Mar 16, 2011

Bob Dylan once said his most-popular song, Like a Rolling Stone started as a “20-some page piece of vomit.”

Along with other writers, I know that I feel like I am sometimes achieving the same vomit-like result of something that is unfinished, or unformed. Recently, I found my best way of dealing with this feeling – just writing.

Everyone at some point remembers a time when they had a more difficult time writing the first line than they do writing the entire story, song or article. Many people know how it feels to be in the middle of writing something and experience some sort of short-term writer’s block. Even more know what it means to lose your focus in writing half-way through. All writers know what it feels like to be pressured by a deadline. Luckily, I’ve found my at least temporary and hopefully permanent solution.

The best solution, so far I have found in my short-term writing blocks is to just keep writing, and to experiment writing in different styles. Truthfully, I’m not sure exactly why it helps, but it does. Right now, I think it helps because when you write in the same style over-and-over, you develop the same pattern for writing. When someone’s writing can take different forms, their writing can react to different boundaries in writing in new ways.

Too often I found myself concerned with the rules of writing in certain ways, and I feel that this kept me from writing what I am capable of writing. Not because I consider myself above the rules, but because I was able to accept what I was writing as my own, instead of judging it for quality. If you’re wondering how to do this, it’s most likely a bit easier than you think.

It is important that you first get comfortable with the thought of not liking what you write at first. This was my biggest hurdle in the process. If it wasn’t good at first, I would disregard writing it. The problem with this is that when you write down a sentence or a line, and you don’t like it at first, it should serve another purpose rather than just being a “throw-away” line. These can serve as a form for a revised line, and often lead me in the direction I want to take.

Also, it was important for me to bring my writing to new venues. Recently, I have started writing just thoughts during the day that I think are worth writing down, sometimes they come back and serve the purpose of showing how to write myself out of a hole, and sometimes they serve for no purpose at all. Also, a friend and I have been writing songs since December. This has helped me both write in new ways, and also see how someone else writes. Both of these have been rewarding beyond belief in helping me be able to write just to write.

My solutions may not work for you, but it is something worth a try if you’re having a hard time getting the thought down, or getting an idea out. I hope it keeps working for me, and helping to advance my own writing.

2 Responses to “Writing as an art”

  1. Corey Ward Says:

    I hate writers block and get completely frustrated by it. I think next time I will give your solution a try. Thanks for the advice, nicely written. CW


  2. Monica Says:

    Nice story! I struggle with writer’s block all the time. Just continuing to write is great advice thanks!


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