What coffee do you prefer? Starbucks or Dazbog?


Posted Thu, Apr 27, 2017

Seattle’s Starbucks opened shop on campus a little over a year ago.  [Photo: Brooke Jones]

DENVER, Auraria Campus — From Macchiato’s to Latte’s and even Espresso’s, everyone has their favorite coffee that gets them through their busy day. The Auraria campus is filled with thousands of students that work hard to accomplish their ultimate goal of graduating. Students dedicate long hours all semester to studying and completing assignments.

But the question is, how do they have the energy?

One word, coffee!

Dazbog is known for its signature coffee beans. [Photo: Brooke Jones]

Dazbog was founded by two Russian immigrants of the former Soviet Union. They had the hard working American dream to produce the world’s smoothest and richest coffee. Dazbog uses the finest coffee roast analysers to roast each chosen coffee bean to perfection.

Starbucks (founded in Seattle) is known for  its signature drinks like caramel frappachino to its cinnamon dolce latte. From hot to cold coffees, to its selection of dark roasted coffee, there is something for everyone.Starbucks and Dazbog are both great places to go and purchase a “cup of Joe.”

MSU Denver junior Ang Sherpa enjoys a daily fix of Starbucks hot chocolate and vanilla lattes. [Photo: Brooke Jones]

Which coffee spot is least expensive? And which atmosphere do students like best? Walking around the Auraria Campus you will notice quite a few people walking from classtoclass with their coffee of choice tightly gripped in their hand. Starbucks is conveniently located in the Tivoli. Starbucks is the newest coffee spot, just opening last year on campus. It is where most students come to enjoy coffee with friends, complete homework or grab a quick bite to eat. Dazbog is next to the Student Success Building. It is also a place where students come to grab coffee on the go, socialize or study.

Ang Sherpa, a Junior at MSU Denver, says she prefers Starbucks, she also prefers Starbucks atmosphere over Dazbog any day. I like the business of the place.

Sherpa has two drinks of choice, hot chocolate and the vanilla latte. She finds Starbucks is not expensive saying that, “If I compare it to the short time they are taking to make a cup of coffee. I think it is a reasonable price. I like the customer service. They always make sure that your order is up to your satisfaction.”

MSU Denver Sophomore Jazmine Fernandez is drawn to Dazbog by their customer service and laid-back environment. [Photo: Brooke Jones]

Not everyone on campus prefers Starbucks. Jazmine Fernandez, a Sophomore at MSU Denver, loves Dazbog. She enjoys the atmosphere because it is more diverse than the American based Starbucks. Fernandez likes to sit down sip her hot chocolate and relax in a not so hectic environment. She prefers it because it feels like home, the service is fast and their employees are nice.

“Yes I do find Dazbog to be expensive,” Fernandez adds, “but I think that Starbucks is a bit more expensive. It is totally worth it.”

Maxine Snyder a Senior at MSU Denver would rather spend her money and time at Dazbog. She chooses Dazbog because she feels the energy feels the shop, no matter the day or time. When Snyder buys her coffee she usually orders the hazelnut latte extra hot. Snyder is a regular customer because for coffee she finds it to be average cost.

“Good coffee is never too expensive,” Snyder says. “I like the customer service because they approach customers in a friendly manner. Thank you and you’re welcome is always used. That is what brings me back to Dazbog.”

How About a Cup of Joe?


Hours: 6:30 am-8 pm

Prices: Mini (small) $2.95, Tall (medium) $3.25, Venti (large) $3.95



Hours: 6 am-6 pm

Prices: Small $3, Medium $3.50, Large $4

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