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Posted Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Between grilling, Jason Murff enjoys spending time with Delta. [Courtesy Photo]

TOMBALL, Texas – United States Army veteran and business owner Jason Murff is enhancing the way grilled food tastes with his unique line of seasonings. “Grill Your Ass Off” seasonings came to life in 2016 after meeting a Harris County Sherriff who had some personal experience with making his own seasonings. After that meeting, the idea blossomed into a plan, which ignited a tasteful business for Murff.

“You don’t want to build the brand too big, too fast, otherwise you do not get a big return on your investment,” Murff says.

Clearly Murff is business oriented and has a good understanding on how to manage his business.

What’s next for Murff and Grill Your Ass Off? Murff says he is expanding his product line to include beef jerky, a cheese based seasoning and a dessert type of topping. All of which will be named relating back to something from the military.

To name the seasonings and products, Murff says it pretty much started during flight school. “I would bounce military themed ideas off my Veteran brothers,” asking questions like: “What kind of meat is this going on,” and “How can we relate it back to the military?”

Grill Your Ass Off product line includes beef jerky, a cheese based seasoning and a dessert type of topping. [Photo: Jason Murff]

Before the seasoning can be named, he must create a new style. “The creation of new seasonings is combining basic seasoning, getting a sample made and testing it out,” Murff explains.

Murff may go through a few iterations before he finalizes the combination, but once it is done, he knows it will be enjoyed by all the backyard grill masters.

Brandon Smith, a close friend and BBQ aficionado says, “It stands out from other seasonings since it’s not ground down to a powder.”

As many may know, the veteran community is a tight knit group of brothers and sisters from all branches and they take care of their own. That is where Murff shows his true colors and strives to give back to the community to those in need.

“Donations rotate from veteran groups to first responders like law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics,” Murff says. He does the rotations so that he may expand his reach in helping those in need. “I like to find an organization doing a silent auction with an ammo can full of seasonings, this way I am able to give more product more often instead of writing a check. In the end, it brings more money to the organization from the silent auction.”

Owning a seasoning company allows Jason Murff to constantly grill for himself and demonstrations for customers. [Photo: Jason Murff]

With the expansion of the product line, and giving back to the veteran community, Murff is always busy, but you cannot grow by standing still. Murff says his products are currently in about 25 retail locations ranging from various ACE Hardware stores, beef jerky specialty stores and some local Ma and Pop hardware stores. Murff is always looking for new avenues to get his products out there, along with the retail locations the seasonings can be purchased off his website

Owning a seasoning company allows Murff to constantly be grilling, either for himself or demonstrations for customers. Murff says one of his favorite cuts of meat is the ribeye, and he typically grills it at 700 degrees Fahrenheit for one minute each side, then suffocating out the flame and letting it smoke.

Murff says this method “enhances the flavor and is one of the many unique cooking styles.” And those that have sampled some of Murff’s smoked and grilled meats are sold instantly and pick up their favorite jar right away.

“I like the seasoning because it adds so much flavor to anything you put it on,” says Trammell Stewart, another friend of who enjoys the unique taste of Muff’s custom seasonings. “My favorite is probably the chicken seasoning, ‘Willie Pete.’”

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