The Quidpocalypse is here!!!


Posted Sun, Nov 4, 2012

Denver’s Team (Photo by Alexander Pringle)

DENVER — As you stare across the field you see something yellow zip past. It is a man in all yellow, with small yellow wing. Shortly after, you see two men in uniforms, with their brooms between their legs chasing the yellow man. One reaches their hand out to grab the small flag like object on the back of the Snitch, when a ball flies past and hits him, and strikes the chaser.

What is this crazy happening, and why may it seem so familiar? It is because it is Quidditch match. With warm lush fields and teams from two states, the tournament with official referee was in full swing. The tournament was the Quidpocalypse, and the teams were ready for the play.

Chris McCormic, the Team captain of the Denver home team, the Denver Dementors help shed some light on this rather unique and demaning sport. He has been playing Quidditch for about a year now after seeing a fly on Auraria campus.

Snitch (Photo by Alexander Pringle)

McCormic was very enthusiastic about the sport, and explained how this tournament, which he has set up and organized mostly by himself, was necessary to be able to compete in the Quidditch World Cup. The games are following a Strike rule book, and it is updated to make the sport more fair and true to the idea of Quiditch. They were playing by Rule Book 5, and Rule Book 6 was going to be going into effect soon.

The Denver Dementors hope to be one of the 100 teams that will be competing in the Quidditch World Cup, and they were competing against teams from Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, and even a club team from the University of Utah.

McCormic went into depth about the sport. “The Snitch is the person who is dressed in yellow, with the sock hanging out the back of the pants. It is the most important position on the field, and more often than not, capturing the Snitch will determine who wins the game.”

He elaborated more about the unique sport. There is a minimum of seven players, per team and a maximum of 21. Some of the teams receive funding from their schools, but some are self-funded. To qualify you need five games at two locations and two different teams to go to the Quidditch World Cup.

Word Cup hopefuls (Photo by Alexander Pringle)

Becca Mulligan, of the Utah Crimson Flyers was very outgoing player. When asked about the sport, and what her parents thought of having a Quidditch sport. “My parents laughed at me. But when I broke my hand, they realized it was serious.

For Mulligan, this will be her third season. A season is an entire school year, with the World Cup being held every April.

Mathew Williams, another team player, has had two years of season playing chaser. He explained that they use a volleyball for his position, but he also plays defense. There is some variation for what was seen in the movies, but we simply do not have the ability to fly or have a real Snitch, he said.

Game captured (Photo by Alexander Pringle)

Their referee, Saquoia Thomas, who came with the Crimson flyers, explained that, She is a big Harry Potter fan. She started with the Utah Crimson fliers. Many of the players are soccer, ex-football, and rugby players.” She received her certification from convention in Chicago, and did her testing there to be a certified referee.

All in all, it was an amazing sport to watch, and it surpassed a spectacle with athletic prowess and talent. The sport will be continued, and you can root for your local team, or possible start your own. Go for the gold, or as in for Quidditch, go for the Snitch!

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  1. Scott Corbridge Says:

    I had no idea that we even had a Quidditch team here in Denver, but it was interesting to read about what goes into the game and that we actully can play it without having to try and fly on a broomstick. Good overall story.


  2. Ashley King Says:

    I enjoyed reading this article. I never thought of anyone having an actual quidditch team, outside of Harry Potter. It was well written. There were a lot of details, and you described how the game was played pretty well. i also thought the pictures were great.


  3. Scott Corbridge Says:

    I had no idea that we even had a Quidditch team here in Denver, but it was interesting to read about what goes into the game and that we actully can play it without having to try and fly on a broomstick. I like your use of description for the lead. Good overall story.


  4. Spencer Says:

    Thats crazy that 100 teams are trying to get into the Quidditch World Cup, who would have thought that so many people around the globe would be interested in playing this game.


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