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Posted Sat, Aug 15, 2015

Bo Scaife Played in the NFL from 2005-2012. Most Nobly with the Tennessee Titans from 2005–2011. (Photo provided by Fresh

Bo Scaife Played in the NFL from 2005-2012. Most Nobly with the Tennessee Titans from 2005–2011. (Photo provided by

DENVER– The Mile-High City is home of the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Rockies.

However, what you might not know is that there are some professional athletes who grew up in Denver, but never played for our hometown teams. That’s where this NFL athlete and Mullen High School graduate comes in.

Oliver Edward Scaife III, known as “Bo,” was born and raised in Denver. Like most youths, Scaife enjoyed going to the movies, hanging out with friends and family and most of all loved playing sports.

“I actually was a three-sport athlete, four including martial arts,” Scaife says.  “I did martial arts, then played baseball then played football and then basketball. So at one point I was doing all four of those things and martial arts was core to my development and gave me the tools to be successful in all these other sports.”

Scaife would eventually attend Mullen High School with fellow NFL tight ends Alex Smith and J.D. Chism. At this point, he started to see his dream of becoming a football star a reality.

“Football was my passion and it’s what I kind of geared toward, what made me feel good and what excited me so I definitely chose the thing I loved the most,” Scaife says. “I wanted to be a super athlete like MJ, Deion Sanders and like Mr. Bo Jackson. I was so eclipsed in sports that I wanted to reach that ultimate level.”

Scaife was well on his way as he would go on to earn many awards; Parade All-American, Gatorade Circle of Champions Colorado Player of the Year, Rocky Mountain News Colorado Offensive Player of the Year, second team All-USA honors at tight end by USA Today as a senior, and a two-time first team Colorado 5A All-State selection by Denver Post. Moreover, he would lead Mullen to the 5A state title as a senior, while catching 62 passes for 1,400 yards and 19 touchdowns and rushing for 250 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown.

Scaife’s career wasn’t surprising for fellow friend and Mullen graduate, Curtis Harris. “He was always a confident person. When we went into high school, he was already a man amongst boys. He was 6’4, 200 pounds as a freshman and he could run as fast as the seniors,” Harris says. “He was a confident person because of his size and his ability. He was also humble but confident in his abilities. That helped him in life.”

Bo Scaife catches a pass against the University of Arkansas. (Photo provided by University Texas’s Patrick Meredith)

Bo Scaife catches a pass against the University of Arkansas. (Photo provided by University Texas’s Patrick Meredith)

This outstanding high school career led to many college offers, eventually, settling on the University of Texas. “I could have went to any school I wanted to. I started getting college offers when I was 15 years old,” Scaife says. “Texas was the school I thought that excited me the most and was the best fit.” At The University of Texas, Scaife finished his career with 75 receptions for 997 yards (13.3 yards per rec.), and five touchdowns. As a sophomore, he was an All-Big 12 honorable mention, and in his last year, he won first team All-Big 12 Selection.

During this time, he got the opportunity to play for one of the greatest college coaches of all time, Mack Brown. “It was a great experience. He was a great coach, person, leader and motivator. He did a whole lot for  a whole  lot of guys and the university and he continues to do that.”

However, Scaife never suspect what would happen to him next. He played for Texas for five seasons, and was a sixth year senior after missing a season due to a series of heartbreaking injuries. Scaife suffered three ACL injuries with the first happening during high school and the next two happing in 2000 and 2002. It was at this time, that he saw his NFL dream blowing away in the wind.

“I wasn’t really supposed to go the NFL because I tore my knee up three times before I even made it to the NFL,” Sciafe says. “So you know the chances to go to the NFL are already slim and you mean you add in history of injuries so you really won’t go. So at that time, I kept seeing my dream slip away like I was never going to make it.”

In the end, Sciafe would play for the Tennessee Titans. “I hung in there you know,” he says. “I finally made it. Getting drafted was a humbling and wonderful experience for my family and me. I say humbling because I went in the 6th round and I have seen guys I played against or I played with go ahead of me, who were better than me and the people who all said that you couldn’t do it, to finally like god I did it. It was a very gratifying experience.”

Curtis Harris says Bo was just resilient. “Bo has had three different knee surgeries. He had one in high school, two in Texas. There were some people that we went to high school with who were like, hey why don’t you hang them up and why don’t you do something different you’re going to hurt yourself. He just bounced back.”

Bo Scaife of Tennessee Titans runs for the end zone to score a TD vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Photo provided by Fresh

Bo Scaife of Tennessee Titans runs for the end zone to score a TD vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Photo provided by

Playing for the Titans, Scaife had a productive rookie campaign where he managed to catch 37 passes for 273 yards and 2 touchdowns. He would end up doing this without being the number one or number two target. In 2006, the Titans selected Scaife’s college teammate and roommate, Vince Young.

“It was awesome to be able play with your brother,” Scaife says. “That’s like my brother, we roomed in college during my last year. Got to see him at the Rose Bowl and be there for that moment. Feels good to be able to share those things and all those outgoing experiences in our professional careers together.”

Scaife would go on to finish his 8-year NFL career with five of those years being with the Titans. Moreover, he became the only tight end in NFL history to rush for a touchdown, catch a touchdown, return a kickoff, and record a tackle in the same season.

New journey  

Today, retired from football, Scaife has taken a different journey one might not expect, which is starting his own business. During his last stint in the league, Scaife was inspired to begin the next chapter of his life.

Fresh Ed. Is the life performance brand created by professional athletes to assist and inspire people to improve themselves! (Photo provided by Fresh

FreshEdLife. s the life performance brand created by professional athletes to assist and inspire people to improve themselves! (Photo provided by

“When I was with the Patriots,” Scaife says, “I liked to always tell this story. I got to see Bob (Robert) Kraft at this event and he was speaking to the crowd and I was just kind of sitting there and I was like, that is who I need to be. I need to be this guy who created all this. At that time, I felt like it was time to stop playing football and really go ahead to do something bigger than that.”

Scaife made a life changing decision to go back to school. He graduated with an MBA from George Washington University in the spring of 2014. More importantly, he was now equipped with business knowledge and experience which helped him launch his life performance brand,

“It’s a life performance brand created by professional athletes who assist and aspire people to improve themselves, their view of the world and the results they create,” Scaife says. “It’s really life lessons, skills, tools and resources from professional athletes and other industry professionals and we do that through diverse platforms and events.”

Family friend and Westminster native John Ramstead, believes Scaife is doing something special.  “Bo is such a great person.  He has a huge heart, loves people, is committed to excellence and strives to equip others to do the same,” Ramstead says. “It is exciting to see Bo continue the journey of following his dreams by creating  His company isn’t about a product or service.  It is part of the vision to add value to others and give them the tools and equipment they need to accomplish their dreams.”

Harris agrees. “After football it’s a new adventure and it’s just like football. You have too prefect your craft and take it to the next level and do the best you can do. Everything he has done he has put his mind it to and everything has come through for him. I love

Bo Scaife continues to drive his business forward with his family by his side.  If you want more information, follow Bo Scaife online: Instagram @BeenFresh80 and Twitter @BoScaife80.

The Highlights (Provided by

  • Born: January 6, 1981 in Denver, Colorado
  • High school: Mullen (Denver, Colorado)
  • College: Texas
  • NFL draft: 2005 / Round: 6 / Pick: 179
  • Tight End: No. 80, 83
  • Tennessee Titans (2005–2010)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (2011)
  • New England Patriots (2012)
  • Record Books: Only TE in NFL history to have a rushing TD, receiving TD, kickoff return, and tackle in the same season
  • Career NFL statistics: Receptions: 251, Receiving Yards: 2,383 Receiving TDs: 12
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