Super Bowl “Trumps” GOP Debate on Auraria


Posted Tue, Feb 2, 2016

"If Trump gets elected, I just may move to Canada.”

“If Trump gets elected, I just may move to Canada.” — Becky Ruhter [Photo: Cat Kerr]

Super Bowl Trumps GOP Debate in Terms of Student Interest
By Greg Bullinger and Cat Kerr

DENVER, Auraria Campus —“Don’t get me started on Trump,” said Becky Ruhter, a Human Services major. “I’m part of a minority group.”

Ruhter, who is in her senior year, connects herself among three separate minority communities, finds the idea of Donald Trump becoming president terrifying. “I’m scared of what might happen to the LGBT community if Trump gets elected,” Ruhter said. “I just may move to Canada.”

Ruhter doesn’t feel that any candidate in the GOP debate (that airs Jan. 28, 2016 on Fox News), represents her values. She identifies herself as being fiscally and financially conservative, but socially very liberal.

The political climate around Denver has become incredibly strong as the election season leads to November.

“Some guy came up to me at the train stop today and asked if I was worried about the U.S. becoming a Socialist nation,” Ruhter said. She ignored the man, but the question followed her. “College students aren’t asking for too much, just a fair shot,” she said about her choice of candidate, Bernie Sanders. Ruhter added that she is much more likely to watch the upcoming Super Bowl 50 than the debate.

“Independent is the new neutral,” she said. “Don’t know, don’t care.”

Ruhter doesn’t normally follow football, unless the Denver Broncos are doing well. Even then, she only recently started watching the game once her cousin Billy Cundiff was signed by the Dallas Cowboys. Cundiff, a Drake University alum and now NFL veteran, is famous for the 2012 AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots where he missed the game winning field goal for the Baltimore Ravens.


“Trump is entertaining to watch whether you are against him or with him. -- Arzate.

“Trump is entertaining to watch, whether you are against him or with him.” — Arzate [Photo: Justina Fatland]

The Buzz around Denver: Republican Debate
By Justina Fatland

DENVER, Auraria Campus–With the election for president less than a year away, it’s no wonder the Republican debate is causing such a buzz on the MSU Denver campus.

Billionaire Donald Trump, who has been a focus for the Republican Party, opted out the Jan. 23, debate and once again is causing politics to seem more like a circus act than a run for the Presidency.

“Trump is entertaining to watch whether you are against him or with him,” said Auraria student Arzate.

Trump may be entertaining, but opting out of tonight’s events speaks volumes about what he will do if he is elected for President. As President, it is crucial that you step up to the plate and handle difficult matters.

From talking to world leaders to addressing our country, it is the President’s job to speak on behalf of American citizens and make sure you maintain professionalism.

“If Trump does not join the debate tonight, who is to say he won’t back out when talking with important world leaders? It shows how unprofessional and what a poor candidate he really is,” Arzate said.


"Donald Trump isn’t an electable candidate." --

“Donald Trump isn’t an ‘electable’ candidate.” — Rick Simmons [Photo: Luke Wheeler]

Denver man actually more interested in politics than the Broncos
By Luke Wheeler

DENVER, Auraria Campus- Despite the hype surrounding the upcoming showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, Tivoli Station Staff member Rick Simmons says that he is more interested in the 2016 election. Simmons says he clearly had little interest in “the big game.”

“Most people sit on their phones and play games,” Simmons said. “I sit on my phone and find out all of the news.”

What about the debate?

Simmons became livid when talking about Donald Trump. “He is just a celebrity. People like him because his life is like one big reality show.”

Simmons noted that he feels that Donald Trump isn’t an “electable” candidate, and cited that Marco Rubio is his choice for the Republican presidential nomination. Disgust with Trump’s antics, Simmons described the billionaire’s decision to not partake in the Jan. 23, preliminary Republican debate as “Childish.”

Democratic Race

Simmons says that he is convinced that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination. He feels Bernie Sanders would have a difficult time winning the nomination because Clinton has so much experience in Washington.


“It would be huge [win] for Denver and Peyton because he’s about to retire.” -- Herrera

“It would be a huge [win] for Denver and Peyton because he’s about to retire.” — Jenise Herrera [Photo: Lorenzo Snoddy]

Football fans: Denver Bronco’s or Carolina Panthers?
By Lorenzo Snoddy

DENVER, Auraria Campus — There’s a lot of attention around Super Bowl 50, with the hometown Denver Broncos going up against the talented Carolina Panthers. Students and professors on Auraria campus have varying opinions on “the big game.”

“Denver,” says CCD student Jenise Herrera putting it simply.

A shade less confident, Colorado Challenge Counselor Kyle Castro explained that he wants Denver to win, but was skeptical about their offense. “I don’t believe in the Bronco’s offense.”

Other than the game itself, there is always the media talk about the players and coaches. Not to mention a lot of attention surrounding Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton and his way of expressing himself on the field.

“[Newton is] flamboyant, do I disagree with it, no." -- Castro said.

“[Newton is] flamboyant. Do I disagree with it? No.” — Kyle Castro. [Photo: Lorenzo Snoddy]

Both Castro and Herrera disagreed with Newton’s negative media coverage. “I agree he’s flamboyant. Do I disagree with it? No. He’s very good for the sport,” Castro said.

Although Herrera is a firm believer in the Broncos winning, when choosing between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, she confidently said, Newton and mentioned that she followed his career at Auburn and defended his recent acts on the field.

Herrera and Castro are rooting for the hometown team. “It would be huge for Denver and Peyton because he’s about to retire,” Herrera said.

Castro has only been a Denverite for a year, and is learning the significance Denver Broncos football has on the Mile-High City.

“I think the fans will become cockier than they already are,” he said.

With the game next week, football fans across the nation are going to have to stay patient, but chose your team now. Who do you want to win? Carolina, or your Denver Broncos?

“Let athletes do what they want because they’re overpaid clowns.” -- Jesse Stein [Photo: Brandon Sanchez]

“Let athletes do what they want because they’re overpaid clowns.” — Jesse Stein [Photo: Brandon Sanchez]

Broncos support differs among locals
By Rachel Strand and Brandon Sanchez

DENVER, Auraria Campus — On Sunday Feb. 7, the Denver Broncos will be making their 8th Super Bowl appearance, after beating the New England Patriots 20-18. For their entire 2016 playoff ride, the Broncos have been looked upon as underdogs in each of the two games they’ve played. As the Broncos enter the historic Super Bowl 50, they are looked upon again as underdogs against the high-flying Carolina Panthers. Regardless of the “underdog” label, the Broncos have the city of Denver seeing orange.

Jesse Stein, an Auraria student, was seen wandering the Auraria Library wearing a bright orange “Hail Peyton” sweat shirt he purchased on Jan. 24, after the Broncos AFC Championship win.

“My work will close for the Super Bowl,” Stein said. Stein and his fellow co-workers will enjoy great food and drinks while watching the big game. Although he isn’t really into football, Stein mentioned how he liked Cam Newton’s attitude. “Let athletes do what they want, because they’re overpaid clowns.”

Cody Kantrell is from Tennessee, where Peyton Manning is considered a prominent figure, however, he has chosen to not watch the game. [Photo: Brandon Sanchez]

Cody Kantrell is from Tennessee, where Peyton Manning is considered a prominent figure, however, he has chosen to not watch the game. [Photo: Brandon Sanchez]

Even though it might seem like the Broncos’ trip to Santa Clara is on everyone’s mind in Denver, some people will chose not to tune in to the game. Cody Kantrell will be one of those people. Although he is from Tennessee, where Peyton Manning is considered a prominent figure, he has chosen to not watch the game. In regards to Manning’s HGH allegations, Kantrell said he does not really keep up with sports news.

The city of Denver is electric. But for most, there is a different kind of excitement. In what might be Peyton Manning’s final game, the fans and the city want nothing more than to have Manning ride off into the sunset with a Lombardi trophy, just like Broncos legendary quarterback John Elway.

Football Foibles
By Ethan Wackerman
DENVER, Auraria Campus — The NFL recently decided to investigate recent allegations of HGH use in the Indiana Colts locker room when Peyton Manning was quarterback. Manning vehemently denied allegations saying, “This is a total fabrication.”

Stephen Snyder, MSU Denver a finance major, will be watching Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, 2016. “I think the league is slathered in HGH use. This is a very dangerous slope for the NFL to descend, however, I think if anyone has a chance of being clean it would be Peyton Manning.”

It is no secret that professional sports have been under fire for performance enhancing drugs recently. Scandals like those suffered by the MLB and Lance Armstrong have hurt the integrity of the sports and the individuals involved. When one allegation comes to the surface more investigations happen to the entire league.

“I feel an investigation into Manning will start a league-wide crisis much like the MLB had,” Snyder said.


“Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily want to be Republican, but he is forced into it if he wants to win.” -- Natalie Ross-Smith.

Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily want to be Republican, but he is forced into it if he wants to win.” — Natalie Ross-Smith. [Photo: Erin Wanke]

It’s Time to Play Ball
By Erin Wanke

DENVER, Auraria Campus — With the Broncos headed to the Super Bowl this weekend, it’s no secret that Denver is brimming with fans anticipating “the big game.” However, students on Auraria Campus are also tuning to a new game this year: the presidential debates. One candidate in particular is turning heads.

Though Donald Trump has been criticized many times over for his outlandish claims and erratic behavior, he continues to dominate the polls despite the decision to opt out of Jan. 28, GOP primary debate.

“Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily want to be Republican, but he is forced into it if he wants to win,” says Auraria student Natalie Ross-Smith.

“I’ve been feeling like this is a really important election."

“I’ve been feeling like this is a really important election.” — Shannon Buckley [Photo: Erin Wanke]

Whether or not Trump’s popularity in the polls is due to his political ideologies or sheer entertainment value has yet to be determined. Students are split as to whether or not Trump should be allowed to run for president, but should he win, it seems no one is sticking around.

“I definitely won’t stay in this country if he wins, but I don’t think anyone has a right to ban him from running,” says Ross-Smith.

Auraria student Shannon Buckley has a different take.

“I’ve been feeling like this is a really important election, and I want to know more about it,” Buckley says. “It’s not as if our current system is working.”


“He knows how to manipulate the media really well.” -- Heidi Roberts

“He [Trump] knows how to manipulate the media really well.” — Heidi Roberts [Photo: Rick Foster]

Primary Elections Heat Up With High Media Focus
By Rick Foster

DENVER, Auraria Campus – With the media heavily focused on politics, Auraria students believe it’s just more than politicians spreading their message of change.

One of the biggest stories of the last year was Donald Trump entering the political race on the Republican side. Because of this, the primary debates of both political parties have brought record ratings for a variety of cable networks. When it comes to Trump being a candidate, student Heidi Roberts believes that Trump has made it more media based than it already is.

“He knows how to manipulate the media really well,” Roberts said. “He has that kind of experience with media as well as politics.”

it’s truly about marketing for the candidates.

“It’s truly about marketing for the candidates.” — Jabari Keys [Photo: Rick Foster]

Roberts mentioned that she pays attention to human rights issues when it comes to voting and made it clear that she isn’t a Trump supporter. “I think anyone who is that goes against the issues that I think are very, very important to humans in general.”

Putting a finer point on presentation, Auraria student Jabari Keyes, he said that it’s truly about marketing for the candidates. “I’ve learned this when my mom was running for city council,” Keyes said. “If they recognize the name, they will just select that name when the ballots come up.”

Keys used the example of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ tagline of “Feel The Bern.” He said who knows how many people support him, but really don’t know what he is fighting for.

With the campaign trail heating up, Auraria students will be sure to keep an eye out on if candidates are just marketing themselves or actually spreading their message for change across America.

“I would just like it to be a close game." -- Dr. Shaun Schafer [Photo: [Photo: Brandyn Federico]

“I would just like it to be a close game.” — Dr. Shaun Schafer [Photo: [Photo: Brandyn Federico]

Trump and company, no match for the Broncos
By Edgar Lucero, Alex Schmidt, Tyler Pierce and Craig Hall
DENVER, Auraria Campus – Super Bowl mania has taken over the city of Denver as it awaits the clash of titans: Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers’ flamboyant quarterback Cam Newton.

A recent “unscientific” sampling on the Auraria campus illustrates that football is much more important, than even a Presidential debate that will help shape who may be the country’s next leader.

The inclination amongst those interviewed said a clash between Manning and Newton, is far more important than that of a clash between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Football is king to many Auraria students and faculty. MSU Denver student Jason Curroll is definitely watching the game. “The Broncos will win 20-18,” he said, “for we are a completely different team. We are not relying on Manning because it’s our defense that’s going to carry us…we’re wearing white jerseys this time – not orange.”

Across campus, Auraria student Sarah Rich weighed in. “Broncos will win 24-17.”

A shade more cautious, journalism professor Shaun Schafer said, “I would just like it to be a close game. I do believe though, the Panthers will defeat the Broncos.”



Alex Hopkins (near left) roots for the underdog. [Photo: Rhiannon Goodrich]

Students Bleed Orange and Blue
By Rhiannon Goodrich

DENVER—Finding a student on the Auraria Campus unwilling to talk about the Super Bowl might be harder than finding a student willing to admit they’re watching the Republican debate.

“My theory is that the Broncos are going to win,” said Auraria student Lisa Tran, “because it’s Manning’s last year.”

Tran is not alone in that notion. A discussion sparked by her theory included agreement from fellow Broncos fans Ryan Healey and Josiah Lane that Peyton Manning will definitely retire following the Broncos’ win.

The lone voice of dissent in that debate came from Alex Hopkins, and even it was only half-hearted.

Hopkins said that she’d like to see them win because they are an underdog. But at the end of the day even she bleeds orange and blue.

“I’m a Broncos fan.”

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