People Express Love through Art at the Love is Love Exhibition


Posted Thu, Oct 15, 2015


Rebecca Vaughan and her piece “She Sets Out.” [Photo: Khaleel Herbert]

DENVER, Auraria Campus-Love was in the air Oct. 8, at the opening reception of the Love is Love Exhibit at the Emmanuel Gallery. The art displayed celebrated the LGBT community as well as all people in love.

The Love is Love exhibit is one of many exhibits happening around campus in conjunction with the Day of Art in Action/Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Allies program, created by Jillian Mollenhauer, an associate professor of art history, theory and criticism at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

“I heard that the campus was going to do a campus-wide event, Day of Art in Action, and I really wanted to put together an exhibition to celebrate what they were trying to do,” explains Jacquelyn Connolly, director and curator of the Emmanuel Gallery.


Dylan Scholinski and fellow artist, Nick Silici at the Love is Love Exhibit. [Photo: Khaleel Herbert]

When Connolly was going through different concepts, one thing that stood out for her was over the course of the summer, it felt like there was just a lot of really terrible things in the news – a lot of hate, a lot of discrimination.

“I felt like I really would like to organize a show that was just beautiful and just about the simple fact that love is love,” she says.

One notable artist in the exhibition is Dylan Scholinski. His piece, Couples: Love is All Around is a digital print installation with 360 photographs on two walls. Each photograph shows objects in love with the same object like a fork and another fork, a key and another key and other various things.

“A few years ago I just became really interested in these random ways that coupling or relationships can be expressed,” Scholinski says. “Not always typically with the two people arm in arm kind of thing but more like images of things that might be awkward or might make sense might not make sense at first and just sort of be collecting these images.”


Dylan Scholinski’s “Couples: Love is All Around.” [Photo: Khaleel Herbert]

Scholinski added that as he was collecting photos to cover the two walls, he wasn’t sure how many he was going to have. Three hundred and sixty images cover those walls. He said there are 360 degrees in a circle and circles are our image of wedding rings, community and also isolation.

“I tend to believe that love is all around us and we tend to overlook it frequently,” Scholinski says. “We are looking for a particular kind of love or a love we’ve been taught to look for rather than just allowing the universe to unfold and be as beautiful as it is.”

Another artist in the exhibit is Rebecca Vaughan with her piece, She Sets Out. It is made from a taxidermy bear from John Schmidt and deer fawn from Tommy Hall with the use of marquee lights and wood. Vaughn said she cut the pieces open and wired the marquee lights herself.

“In terms of this piece this is really about one’s desire to go out and look for love,” Vaughan says. “And how I might think of myself in doing so.”

Vaughan says this piece is a self-portrait because it represents her personal experience of looking for love.

“It’s about my experience but maybe anybody’s experience of setting out for love and feeling like you’re this grotesque monster lunging at them,” Vaughan says. “Like anyone might feel about themselves.”

Vaughan and Scholinski’s pieces, as well as others, will be displayed in the Love is Love Exhibition at the Emmanuel Gallery from Oct. 6 to Nov. 11.

If You Go:

What: Love is Love Exhibition

Where: Emmanuel Gallery on Auraria Campus

When: Oct. 6-Nov. 11

Tuesdays-Fridays 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Saturdays 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Cost: Free


5th Street Garage: $4.50

7th Street Garage: $6

Tivoli Parking Garage: $6


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5 Responses to “People Express Love through Art at the Love is Love Exhibition”

  1. Preston Morse Says:

    Nice job Kahleel! I envy how you’re jumping right into reporting and your ability to engage people.

    There were a couple parts that I felt could be more concise. “The Love is Love exhibit is one of many exhibits…” could read “Love is Love is one of many exhibits…” Simple change but a little sharper.

    Should art piece titles be italicized or put in quotations like titles of books or movies?


    • Khaleel Herbert Says:

      Thanks for the feedback and nice comments, Preston!
      I love reporting these exhibits 🙂

      I see what you are saying there with that line being sharper.
      Thanks for pointing that out.

      On art pieces, the AP Stylebook says titles of paintings are put in quotes and sculptures don’t need quotes.


  2. Yara Weber de S Says:

    Hello Khaleel,

    I really liked your article and can’t think of anything you should change. Maybe just condense the final information about the exhibit so it doesn’t seem so disconnected.

    Other than that, I would have liked to maybe see more pictures, but that’s personal preference.

    Great job!!


    • Khaleel Herbert Says:

      Thank you for the comments and feedback, Yara.
      I did have more photos but these were some of the best ones (in my opinion). I can show you some of the other photos I took if you’re interested.

      Thanks again


  3. Renee Ruderman Says:

    Hi Khaleel, Good job! Some English Department faculty and students will be reading from their poetry or flash fiction at the “Love is Love” Exhibition at the Emmanuel Gallery on Tuesday, November 3, from 3:30-5:00 pm. It’s called a micro-salon because we’ll only be reading for five minutes each! Come by.


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