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Posted Thu, Oct 28, 2010

By Piper Perry

A certified hypnotherapist, wedding officiant,  Reiki master, keynote speaker on non-traditional topics such as seeing sex as positive and LGBT issues, psychic, chalk artist, actress, poet, Mythica von Griffyn or the artist formerly known as Manea Von Griffyn,  is a well- known figure on the Metro campus. She is up to her elbows in current projects, an indoor winter chalk art festival, and a website with hundreds of her poems as well as a performance schedule for poetry readings and a Facebook page with the cleaning mantra, her newest contribution to bring positive energy to the world around her.           

            “There’s a spiritual understanding and awareness there that you don’t get to see or experience with everyone,” said Lisa Maas-Martin.

            If you’ve walked around the Metro campus in the fall and spring, you will see chalk art. Not the advertisements or the “Come to such and such workshop,” but the actual art, you have seen Mythica’s work. Three-time winner of best use of color at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, Mythica does chalk art because she likes to interact with other people.

“I love art but I don’t like the isolation of it. I’d rather be doing my art here; interacting with other people and having them watch me do it than sitting in a studio locked away somewhere.”

Mythica is an actress as well. She’s starred in last year’s Metro production of “Nickeled and Dimed.” She is finishing degree in Psychology and Theater. Her original plan was to go into drama therapy once she went to graduate school. But that plan has changed.

“I made a deal with the universe that I agreed not to decide, that every day I’m just going to follow whatever the synchronicities of the day are and that will lead me to whatever it is I’m supposed to do.”

            Mythica is also a performing poet who reads at the Mercury Café on Open Mike night, she has videos on YouTube and hundreds of poems at the website, Conversations with SheHe.

“I believe in synchronicity. You are here for a reason. I am glad the universe has brought us together.” Her poetry is free form, deeply emotional and personal.

            The cleaning mantra that Mythica uses has caught on Facebook.

“I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you,” is used to clean subconscious memories as a part of the ho’oponopono tradition. Ho’oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian tradition of reconciliation and forgiveness, but Mythica’s interpretation crosses all cultures, borders and boundaries.

“So I created the (Facebook) page, and there are about 40 people on there, and they are international, it’s not just my friends, its people from Vietnam and Australia and India and Ireland, they’re all over the planet.”

There’s a non-judgmental quality about Mythica that impels people to walk up to her and tell her their deepest, darkest secrets.

“When you find somebody that is, and the only way to describe it is, vibrating at a similar level, it makes you appreciate openness so much more and you can share things you might not share with other people and feel safe in the sharing, feel safe in terms of not being judged, understanding it even though you’ve never been through it, that’s really a rare commodity in our connected day and age,” said Maas-Martin

“I love them whether they love me or not. Their belief in me is not necessary,” Mythica said.

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