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Posted Tue, Jul 11, 2017

Maria Gordillo’s skirts come directly from Mexico. [Photo: Courtesy of Maria Gordillo]

LAFAYETTE, Colo.- Local fashion designer Maria Gordillo is designing fashion that draws inspiration from her Mexican roots.

Gordillo’s recent start in the local fashion scene has been defined by her love for her culture. She has already made an impact with her skirts and jackets, the designs for which were a tip of the hat to her ancestors.

“I try to always keep the Mexican woman in my mind,” Gordillo said of her designs.

For Gordillo it’s important that her designs are empowering and encourage individuality, while still drawing influences from tradition. Her Mexican culture and heritage is perhaps easiest to find in the fabrics of her skirts, which come directly from Mexico.

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, it was at just 5 years old that Gordillo moved to Colorado. Her upbringing was centered on the blending of these two cultures, which is present in her designs.

Maria Gordillo has already made an impact with her skirts and jackets. [Photo: Courtesy of Maria Gordillo]

Moving and becoming a part of a new culture was difficult for Gordillo, who did not speak English when she moved to Colorado. The young Gordillo didn’t want to go to school, living the nightmare of many immigrants who aren’t sure how to become a part of a new society.

“I was afraid,” Gordillo said, “because I knew- I didn’t speak English.”

Fortunately for Gordillo, she was not alone. She quickly made friends in school who helped her to become a part of the culture. It was through these new friendships that she was able to adapt to her new life.

“All of my classmates were supportive,” Gordillo said, “and that’s the way I think America should be.”

Maria Gordillo’s  new collection, called ‘Unafraid,’ is meant to be empowering for those who wear it. [Photo: Courtesy of Maria Gordillo]

This appreciation for her childhood classmates caused Gordillo to grow a generous heart, now designing fashion for the people she cares about most. Gordillo has been noticed as an independent voice in the local fashion scene that combines traditional Mexican culture with the American fashion trends of the 1990s. This is her inspiration behind her new collection, which will debut this October.

This will be her first full collection and it will all be ready to wear pieces. The new collection, which Gordillo is calling ‘Unafraid,’ is meant to be empowering for those who wear it. But more importantly the garments are meant to be a representation of her desire for peace between people of different walks of life, and to bring different cultures together.

“I think it’s very powerful,” Gordillo said.

One of the major statements that will be walking the runway will be her faux fur vest. The vest, Gordillo said, is inspired by the fierce nature of animals. Gordillo said what she had in

Additional information about Maria Gordillo’s fashion and purchasing options, can be found on her website.

mind was the lengths a mother bear will go to in order to protect her babies. The ferocity of the animal kingdom is something she envisioned being worn as a symbolic defense of her culture.

The models have been handpicked by Gordillo to help her express her love of diversity. Her aim is to have each model be a part of a different cultural identity. Her models have been carefully handpicked, each representing a different minority that would typically lack representation.

“I wanted to bring a little bit of peace and love,” Gordillo said, “and to stand up for what they believe.”

This collection has gained a lot of attention already for Gordillo. Her unique insight in the fashion scene has gained her entry into the upcoming Fixate showcase presented by RAW in Denver.

“I’m excited,” Gordillo said. “I haven’t shown any of my stuff to people, and people want to see it.”

More information about upcoming shows from RAW and information about other local artists can be found on their website.


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  1. Shaun Says:

    Great story Mariah! Very fashionable 😉


  2. Karson Says:

    I really like this article with a focus on fashion and Mexican influences. You really tied things together and framed a well executed profile. In the future I would stay away from ending your article on a quote, but it was really fun to read.


  3. Flor Says:

    In a society so fast to appropriate other people’s cultures for profit, I am so excited to see a young woman making what SHE believes to be the representation of her culture – for community benefit and not for profit. It’s amazing to see what the children of immigrants have to say about their own cultures and create the world that they deserve and belong in. Keep it up Maria!


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