Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil & Gem Show


Posted Thu, Oct 2, 2014

A booth at the show. Photo by Kelsey Nelson.

A booth at the show. [Photo by Kelsey Nelson]

DENVER-Early Friday morning was the perfect time to attend the 47th Mineral, Fossil and Gem Show at the Denver Coliseum. It was just cold enough to keep the crowds at bay, but that allowed for plenty of opportunity to visit all the rare gems and displays this diverse event had to offer.

Beth Grufman of GLG Gemstone Jewelry and Fine Agates said that the event has something for everyone. At the show there are minerals, rock specimens, jewelry and fossils “from around the world and more.”

Despite the website for the show advertising as being the biggest show of its kind in the U.S. Grufman said that this title actually

There was a lot of variety in the types of rocks and gems. Photo by Kelsey Nelson.

There was a lot of variety in the types of rocks and gems. [Photo by Kelsey Nelson]

would go to the show in Tucson, Ariz., and that runs from the end of January to mid-February and draws international vendors. She laughed and said, “If you can’t find it in Tucson, you can’t find it!”

Grufman said that each show like this one is important and “you don’t have to have any knowledge about rocks, just come and enjoy, it’s a rare treat to get all this together.” Grufman’s knowledge on the show is one of the many things that make her booth a great one to visit.

Jeweler y and beads for sale. Photo by Kelsey Nelson.

Jeweler y and beads for sale. [Photo by Kelsey Nelson]

Nancy Dillon of Uniquely Yours goes out, finds and mines the items she has for sale. Dillon said that she finds the items in various places, but that the rules about where you can go keep changing. For her blue forest wood, she goes to Wyoming.

Dillion said that there was an area set aside for rock hounds about 50 years ago. The Blue Forest Wood is found in algae casts that usually “peel off like an onion.” She uses pieces of Colorado juniper wood as displays for her items for sale, creating a captivating booth to stop in at.

MSU Denver student Nicolas Martinez attended the event said, “I recommend it for students because it’s free and interesting.”

This event ran from Sept. 6 – 14. Events like these are easy to find and practical for students to attend, due to the fact that there is no cost and they are fun as well as informative.

If you missed this year’s show, the 2015 Denver Gem & Mineral Show will be held Sept. 18-20 featuring Minerals of the Southwestern U.S.



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