Congesting with public transit systems is being addressed


Posted Tue, Sep 11, 2012

RAPID TRANSIT: RTD officials have RTD have big things ahead for the metro-area transits system. (Photo by Alexander Pringle)

DENVER — Traveling during peak time causing difficulties in conjunction with event commuters.

Many people rely on the RTD bus system to travel around the metro area. Some are students with pass, commuting from the dorms to campus, there are also many employees making the cost over living more reasonable, and then there are the occasional rides that fin that it is the best for mode of transit for occasional events. Each has their own patterns of travel, but sometimes ones groups’ transportation needs overlap with other groups travel plans.

Recently the University of Colorado Boulder and the Colorado State University had their Rocky Mountain showdown — a hundred year tradition where the schools played each other in football — in Denver’s Sports Authority at Mile High stadium. Many fans from all over the state came to watch the two teams play. And in here lies the problem.

Many people have to work in Denver on Saturday, and some also live in Boulder and have to commute, many of the times; this is never an issue except that Saturday. With the Rockies game and the taste of Colorado many buses were full. With this influx of passengers, bus after bus would come to the stop you were waiting at, but all were full and very few were on time.

Scott Reed, the Assistant General Manager of Communications for RTD had some simple ideas to make our travels easier. “Anytime there is a special event to plan ahead and travel earlier. Plan for alternate routes,” when traveling. Reed suggested that commuters use the trip planner or call 303-299-6000 for information.

The RTD is working to make public transit in the greater metro-Denver area possible and they have big things ahead for our transits system.

“We currently we have 35 miles of light rail in operation and 47 miles is under contract and construction,” Reed said. “But they really need dedicate lanes, or a rail lines.”

RTD is making large effort to accommodate foreseen transit problems. They called in extra drivers and extra busses and do Rockies rides, and sampler direct routes and alternative routes to the regular route and in fact there is a greater amount of transit available to every day travel, and it is moving larger amounts of people. The ability to have more accommodated more, but more infrastructure is needed to make it smooth.


• RTD has 35 miles of lightrail and in contracted to build 47 more miles.
• They are working to build dedicate bus lanes all around Denver
• Ridership 2011 (From RTD website)
o January – December 2011
o Average weekday boardings: 325,900
o (including approx. 48,693 Mall shuttle boardings; 67,630 LRT boardings; and 2,401 access-a-Ride boardings)
o Annual boardings: 98,383,870
o (including approx. 14,942,904 Mall shuttle boardings; 20,694,715 LRT boardings; and 686,130 access-a-Ride boardings)
Service Statistics (RTD Denver Website)
• Service Area population: 2.7 million
• Cities and towns served: 40 municipalities in 6 counties plus 2 city/county jurisdictions
• Square Miles in service area: 2,348
• Weekday regular fixed-route scheduled miles: 126,849 (includes LRT and Mall Shuttle)
• Annual regular fixed-route service miles operated: 38,999,300 (January 2012 service levels annualized)(includes LRT)
• Active bus stops: 9,698
• Park-n-Ride facilities: 74 with 26,530 parking spaces
• Total number of regular fixed routes: 148
o Local: 62
o Express: 16
o Regional: 16
o Limited: 11
o SkyRide: 5
o Boulder City Local: 13
o Longmont City Local: 4
o Misc: 9 (Mall Shuttle, Light Rail (C, D, E, F, & H Lines), Art Shuttle, Pathways E and Pathways W)


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