A Bit of Paris in Denver


Posted Fri, Sep 30, 2016

A typical sunny September day for outdoor antique shopping! {Photo/ Victoria Toutant]

A typical sunny September day for outdoor antique shopping! [Photo: Victoria Toutant]

LITTLETON, Colo. — No matter what the weather, rain or shine, A Paris Flea Market will always be open. Here you can travel through French inspired open-air, vintage, antique and an artisan market. A Paris Street Market was founded by 2 Sisters Working Inc. They started the market in 2001, and then in 2007 they added two new locations in Kansas and Illinois.

Usually Aspen Groove is a quiet, seldom busy outdoor shopping mall. However, the Labor Day weekend attracts crowds of people walking around and looking at all the different antiques treasures.

In the tents you can find almost everything from quality vintage hats, furniture, old framed pictures, unique clothes – things you can’t buy anywhere else. The sellers have very strict rules of what they can sell. They have to describe every item what they want to sell, because “A Paris Street Market” is not a garage sale —  so sellers cannot sell household objects they don’t want anymore. They are not allowed to sell or show dangerous items such as fireworks, chemicals, firearms etc.

Walking around the streets you can meet with a lot of interesting people such as a person walking two goats with dog leashes that visitors are welcome to pet. While walking around, there are different tents for different types of food and drinks. Visitors can see how they make certain foods like for example the cheese curd that was from Wisconsin.

Enjoying a day of being a Parisian! [Photo/ Victoria Toutant]

Enjoying a day of being a Parisian! [Photo: Victoria Toutant]

When you walk around, you don’t only see the vintage merchandise, but you also you can meet with some people who dress up in vintage clothes. The sellers and the shoppers are open minded, friendly, you can take as many photos as you would like.

Denver’s newspaper Westword puts the Paris Street Market in the five best flea markets in Denver. If you ever went to Paris France, you can find similar markets all over the city. So when you walk around Aspen Grove on a very hot sunny morning on the Paris street market, you can really get that French feeling. It’s the best to take a hat with you because you will be walking around for hours and hours. Don’t try to buy a hat there because they are a little pricey. The Aspen Grove mall is a perfect location for the market, because you have nice and cool stores and restaurants so you can rest and cool down.

A couple of years ago this event was much smaller they could only use one store in the mall. After they moved it to Lakewood for a second location and it divided from there. For further information contact STV Ventures LLC. tsvandel@msn.com


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